If you want a new beautiful kitchen brimming with all the conveniences to make life in your cooking quarters just like a dream, here are 6 of our top kitchen design ideas to provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen.

Whether you are looking to take on a home renovation in the kitchen this year or planning a new kitchen, make the task at hand easier with a few important kitchen design idea fundamentals.

Find out what our experts at Harrington Kitchens think when it comes to designing a kitchen that boasts just as much wow factor as it does functionality.

#1: The Triangle of Efficiency

Before delving too far into any aesthetically-pleasing kitchen design ideas, plan a ‘working triangle’ for the design first. The “triangle” is an invisible space that links the three main service points in the kitchen;

  1. benchtop workspace
  2. stove and cooktop
  3. sink area

As the name suggests, generally, these three areas are located in a triangle-style shape to make working in the kitchen more streamlined. Keep the passage between these key spaces free of obstruction and not too far away from one another.

Although it’s not officially part of the triangle, the location of the bin is also just as essential. Ensure that your bin is located in an area easy to access from inside the kitchen and to walkers by. By doing so, you can eliminate traffic through the kitchen when you are in the middle of making like a household master chef.

And although it might adjust your triangle to more of a hexagon shape, kitchen caterers and entertainers take note! Our design gurus recommend expanding the area to include the pantry and fridge as part of your working zone too. An obstruction-free area is always a nice-to-have when you are busy multi-tasking.

At the end of the day, individual kitchen design ideas should factor in the overall space available as well as preferred uses of the kitchen to suit the household demographic. At this important step, a professional kitchen designer can really help by providing expertise and kitchen design ideas to create the best space for your home and your family.

#2: Clutter-Free Kitchen and Bench Space

To achieve ultimate functionality and eye-pleasing aesthetics, design and plan for a clutter-free kitchen space. Incorporate some kitchen design ideas that will help to store items neatly and keep working spaces freed up. You can achieve this simply by determining which items in your kitchen that you will use more frequently, then working in appropriate storage for those.

Whether part of the pantry or stored on open shelving, we have included some clutter-free kitchen design idea examples below.

  • Oils and spices – if you grab these often, perhaps they would work best stored on a floating shelf next to the cooktop instead of on a benchtop spice rack or in the pantry.
  • Baking trays – if you love your baking, think about some wider or deeper drawers closer to the oven to house larger trays and platters for ease of convenience.
  • Pots and pans – will they work best for you suspended from a pot rack above the bench or stored in a drawer?
  • Benchtop appliances – keep frequently-used appliances (like toasters and kettles) neatly stored away between uses in an appliance garage. Appliance garages enable you to keep your kitchen looking neat and clutter-free by having them tucked away, while also very close at hand.

What are your go-to items in the kitchen and how would you like to access those the best?

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#3: Embrace Natural Light

The use of natural light is a clever kitchen design idea that can help make an area appear more spacious, whilst saving some cash on utilities too.

Below are a few kitchen design ideas that help capitalise on natural light sources.

  1. Build shelves and appliances around natural light sources such as windows. If the windows are in an awkward spot, consider kitchen cabinetry in varied heights or widths that can allow you to embrace the light. This can also help create more interest and character in your kitchen design
  2. Add a skylight inside the kitchen or pantry
  3. If your kitchen is on an external wall, design your kitchen splashback as a large glass window instead of tiles, etc. This will instantly open up the space
  4. If you have a very small, closed-in space, incorporate some mirrors as simple décor, especially on walls. Mirrors reflect light within your kitchen and make the space appear larger.

#4: Use Appliances as Part of Your Styling

There is no getting around having an appliance or three within your kitchen, but there are so many fantastic options and styles to choose from. Get design-savvy and use the appliances on a show as part of your kitchen design ideas.

Coloured or retro-looking kitchen appliances, for example, can add instant impact with character, contrast and style. With limited effort, this is styling that has a practical function too.

What options can you incorporate as a clever kitchen design idea when it comes to choosing your kitchen appliances?

#5: Be Practical

Any interior designer will agree; no matter what type of kitchen you are building or designing, the most important kitchen design idea is to be practical.

Select surfaces, fixtures, and fittings that will suit the household demographic. And plan your kitchen for the future too, not just for ‘the now’. Will the household demographic be changing any time soon? What will the expectations and requirements be for that new demographic?

Some great examples of this include:

  • A flip-down table on the wall that can be used as a breakfast nook, a homework area for children, or a general space to gather with family and friends
  • Is there enough bench space in your kitchen design idea or do you need provisions for a portable Butcher’s block, which can be moved in and out when needed?
  • Have you included power outlets for all appliances and technical gadgets that need charging? Are they easily accessible (power outlets can be handy inside appliance garages and on a kitchen island bench too)?

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#6: Plan Your Kitchen Design Ideas for You!

Remember, you don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. When it comes to planning the perfect kitchen – you do you!

In simple terms, don’t be too persuaded by trends of past and present. Innovative kitchen design ideas are all about the best use of space, materials, and layout to create an aesthetically-pleasing and functional kitchen for your home and the people in it.

Our Harrington Kitchens team of professional kitchen designers is experienced in identifying and matching ideal kitchen design ideas for each individual home and client. Contact our team on 1300 662 112 or submit an online enquiry to discuss your dream kitchen project.