When gathering inspiration for your new kitchen, it can be virtually impossible to avoid an overload of the latest and greatest kitchen trends. So, what should you be aware of when treading your way through the haze and maze of kitchen trends?

Beware of blindly following kitchen trends
Whilst it is obvious that “trends” are so called due to their current popularity that doesn’t always mean they are a good idea for your kitchen. Our homes are very unique and personal spaces; how we create them, what we like and don’t like and how we use them can vary greatly from one home to the next. When reviewing current kitchen trends, it is important to visualise how that trend will actually look and function in your new kitchen. Does it compliment your preferred design style and will it enhance, or perhaps hinder, the way you and the other members of your household operate in the space?

You have to live with your choices
Remember that most of the decisions you make regarding your new kitchen are quite significant, and likely cost a considerable amount of your hard earned money too. So it is important that you take the time to make well thought out choices that you will be happy to live with, see and use, every day, often multiple times a day.

Ask yourself why you are considering that particular trend, and be honest in your reply. Is it because it’s popular? It looks cool in the magazines and brochures? As you might expect, these are not particularly good reasons for following a kitchen trend in your home. And you may quickly find that you come to regret your fad-following choices.

Think it through
That is not to say that you should not follow any kitchen trends, ever. There would be a despairingly sad level of advancement and creativity in the industry if everything proceeded in a regimented and orderly fashion. That is not what we want at all. Some homeowners fall madly in love with their trend-inspired choices and wouldn’t have it any other way. But it’s not always a fairy tale ending. Be sure that when you commit to following a current trend you are doing it after careful consideration that it is the best choice for your kitchen, both aesthetically and practically.

Which kitchen trends are for me?
Here’s a quick snapshot of a few kitchen trends currently on the circuit and why they may, or may not, be a great idea for your new kitchen.

Open Shelving
There’s no denying that when done well, open shelving looks amazing. It can add style and character to any space as well as providing additional storage, and you can never have too much of that! The thing to be mindful of with open shelving is that it puts everything on display, ALL of the time. Do you have, and are prepared to maintain, perfectly co-ordinated plates, cups and glassware? Do you like to always keep things neat and tidy and don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning and dusting to keep things in sparkling perfect order? If the answer is yes, the open shelving could definitely be a kitchen trend worth following. But if you, and the other people in your house, are a little less organised and not so pedantic with your kitchen wares, then open shelving can quickly and easily become a focal point for all the wrong reasons. Open shelving requires diligent attention and constant cleaning in order to be a prized kitchen feature. Even items that are not regularly used will need to be cleaned often. As they, and the open shelves below them, will inevitably collect dust and possibly also grease and wayward food splatter if located in close proximity to cooking or preparation areas.

Splash Backs – Subway Tiles and Too Small
The purpose of a splashback is to protect the wall around your workspace from the spills and splashes of cooking and food preparation. It should add to the visual impact of the room but ultimately has a practical purpose. Therefore, a kitchen splashback should first and foremost be fit for that purpose, as well as being easy to keep clean. The kitchen trend of subway tile design as a splashback definitely looks interesting, but this can also be a down fall as the space can look overly busy due to the large volume of small tiles and grout lines. Whilst the tiles themselves may be easy enough to wipe clean, the grout lines can prove a challenge, particularly if they become stained with grease or food.

If a splashback is too small then it is more than likely not fulfilling the purpose for which it was intended, to protect the wall. This makes it difficult to keep the space clean. Ideally a splashback should cover as much of the active work area as possible. It should extend from the bench height to the bottom of overhead cabinets and/or range hood and as far along the bench space as possible.

Colour – Too Much White and Coloured Appliances
The all-white colour trend is all but gone. While white definitely creates a great canvas for adding accents and feature pieces, following this kitchen trend and having too much white in your space can make for a cold and sterile atmosphere. The other colours that you choose to add can either further add to the coldness or help to soften it, so be careful with the choices you make here. If you are set on having a predominantly white kitchen, opt for a warm and creamier shade for a more welcoming feel.

At the other end of the spectrum is the use of brightly coloured appliances. Whilst we are moving away from all white and generally injecting the use of more colour into our homes, bold coloured appliances should be carefully considered. Appliances can be expensive and not always easy to change so before you commit, you need to be 110% sure. Will it actually work with the rest of your kitchen? Or are you caught up in the wave of the trend and like the idea of having something that’s a bit different to the norm? Will you really still be so in love with that bright orange oven in 2 years time? You can always add pops of colour to your kitchen with artwork and plenty of other accessories. Those types of items are much easier to update as the trends, or your preferences, change.

Kitchen trends are what keep our homes innovative and fresh and exciting. But that doesn’t mean that every kitchen trend is a good idea in every home. It’s a lot easier, and cheaper, to update your wardrobe or hairstyle to keep up to speed with the latest trends in those areas but unfortunately kitchen trends and choices don’t quite work the same. The difference between a good kitchen trend choice and a bad one can have significant impact on the enjoyment you get from your new kitchen, now and into the future.

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