So you’ve made the decision to get a new kitchen. How exciting! Now the real decision making really starts – layout, benchtops, appliances, splashbacks and cabinet doors to name a few. We’ve compiled some tips to help you choose which cabinet doors might be best for your new kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet doors bear a large brunt of the day-to-day activity in any kitchen. When researching cabinet door options for your new kitchen it is likely that you will first think about whether they suit your design style and also fit your budget. But perhaps most importantly, you should consider how well the materials or finishes you are leaning towards can handle the level of wear and tear that they will be subjected to in your home. There is such a variety of materials and finishes available in the new kitchen marketplace at the moment but not every product will work well for every home.

Define your level and type of kitchen “activity”

Are you a 2 minute noodle and spaghetti on toast type cook? Or a gourmet entertainer? Or a busy mum of a sizeable and active brood? Or maybe a little of each of these?!

What kind of, and how much, space do you have to work with? Is it large and spacious with lots of natural light? Or perhaps quite small and restricted? The number of people in the household also plays a big part in how the kitchen is used.

All of these scenarios have very different demands when it comes to their kitchen requirements, and consequently their ideal kitchen cabinet choice. Kitchens that have relatively low levels of activity could potentially opt for finishes and materials that are more aesthetically pleasing and may not necessarily require those with more hard-wearing and durable properties. That is definitely not to say that those who require a more durable cabinet door for their new kitchen need to forego on stylish design. Continual industry advances in this area see that it is becoming even more accessible than ever to combine beautiful design with practical function.

Style considerations

What do you want the initial impressions of your new kitchen to be? Cabinet doors comprise a large proportion of the vertical surface space in a kitchen and so they very quickly make a statement and can really influence the overall look and feel of the kitchen space.

If your new kitchen will be open plan, as the majority of kitchens are tending to be these days, then you will also need to consider how your kitchen style will co-ordinate with the adjoining areas of your home. It may not be such a factor for a self-contained kitchen but you should still have a clear idea of what you are working towards.

What style and design features do you like? What do you not like? Do you prefer the neutral tones and intricate detailing of classic and traditional kitchen styles such as French Provincial? Or perhaps the sleek lines and bold colours of contemporary kitchens is more to your liking?

No matter your kitchen design style preferences, there are many options available when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinet doors for your new kitchen.

Paying the bill – what you need/want vs what you can afford

It’s a common problem – you do the research, make your choices, fall madly in love with the new kitchen you have designed that is everything you have ever dreamt of, and then you see the price tag…as with most products and services you can purchase, you get what you pay for. If you want the latest and greatest in designer finishes and colours, then of course that is going to cost you more than a more modest laminate or melamine finish. If you need something hard-wearing and long-lasting, consider the likely benefits of paying a little more now against have to repair or even replace the doors again in the not-to-distant future when they cannot withstand the regular hustle and bustle your household subjects it to.

Narrowing in on the winner

Once you have worked through considering the above points, you are well on your way to locking in a very important part of you new kitchen. Next, it’s time to start narrowing in on the options that fit your outlined criteria. Which materials are available that will best suit your level activity? Of those options, which best suit your style and are they within your budget?

The devil is in the detail

Then once you’ve tackled all of that, you can really have some fun picking your colours and finishes. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to stick with only one colour and finish for all the cabinets. Consider how you might be able to incorporate a variety of cabinet doors for added interest in the space. It might be adding glass panels to overhead cabinets, or introducing the use of timber (either real timber or timber-look alternatives) or stainless steel to contrast against other solid polyurethane choices.

The cabinet doors options for a new kitchen really are quite endless. Whatever choices you make, the most important thing you can do is to consider all of the above tips as part of your planning process. Choosing cabinet doors based only on aesthetics, or budget, or durability alone could very easily lead to disappointment not too far down the track, as you soon find that it doesn’t meet all of your needs as best as it could have. No doubt you want to have the best chance of creating a long-lasting love affair with your new kitchen so be sure to spend the time and effort in the early stages to carefully assess and clearly define what it is that you both need and want.


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