Kitchen cabinets are one of the most visible design features in a kitchen. The finish of your kitchen cabinets can make a huge impact to your kitchen design and is as important as your choice of style and colour. Which kitchen cabinet finish is the most durable and will work best in your kitchen? Read on to find out the pros and cons of each surface.

High Gloss
Modern kitchen trends show an increase in the popularity of glossy, reflective surfaces. High gloss surfaces reflect the most amount of light, are easy to clean and a great choice for kitchen cabinet finishes.

High-gloss cabinet finishes work best in a contemporary style kitchen with flat cabinet fronts and are popular in white gloss kitchens. As the glossy surface reflects light, it will make your kitchen appear larger and more open, a great option for small kitchen spaces. The lighter the colour of your gloss cabinets, the more reflection it will create.

As gloss will show imperfections easily, it requires more preparation to create a smooth surface and will need regular cleaning due to fingerprints, dirt and scratches being highly visible.

Matt kitchen cabinet finishes suit a traditional or country style kitchen and do not reflect any light or show fingerprints. Matt is a smooth surface which covers imperfections but is not as easy to clean as gloss finishes. Scratches and other marks are not as noticeable on matt surfaces which create a muted look.

If you are using a matt surface on your kitchen cabinets and are concerned about it looking flat and boring, choose a shaker style kitchen cabinet or use a contrasting colour for your cabinets to create visual interest.

If you can’t decide between a high-gloss or matt finish, semi-gloss paint may be the best option for your kitchen cabinets as it combines the advantages from both matt and gloss finishes. Semi-gloss is a durable finish, easy to clean, won’t show as many reflections and has a high water resistance.

Whether you are renovating your whole kitchen or just updating your kitchen cabinetry, follow our advice to help you choose the ideal cabinet finish for your kitchen. Choosing and purchasing the right kitchen cabinets for your kitchen can be complicated, that’s why the design team at Harrington Kitchens will take the stress away for you.

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