Transcending beyond their years, classic kitchen designs are just as popular now as they were many years ago. And the reasons are quite simple. Classic kitchen designs are clean, uncluttered and can blend into a myriad of styles, designs and modern conveniences with ease. We can’t wait to share with you some of our favourite classic kitchen designs that are just perfect for homes today.

Classic kitchen designs that embrace a seamless blend of timelessness with practicality for modern day living will ensure your kitchen remains the reliable workhorse that you need for years to come. So, what exactly does it take to design a classic kitchen for a modern home?

Following are some of our most favoured elements of a classic kitchen design, inspired by the demands of today’s households.

Crisp and Clean

Classic kitchen designs boast clean lines with subtly embellished elements, which are both stylish and enduring. Following are some of those elements that showcase a keep-it-simple (and stylish) design solution.

Traditional-style Shaker cabinets boast beautiful crisp lines of craftsmanship on the cabinet fronts and are a regular feature of modern-day classic kitchen designs. Shaker-style is especially suited to the ever-popular and on-trend Hamptons kitchen style.

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Tiled, or crisp, stone splashbacks with their natural features, can be used to add character whilst retaining the timeless quality of a classic kitchen design.

A clutter-free, neatly-presented space is also a must for achieving the look of a classic kitchen design. Don’t overdo it with unnecessary accessories or benchtop décor – save that space for serving and preparation instead.

Open and Inviting

Classic kitchen designs embrace the use of natural lighting and playful, open plan spaces that often flow through to other areas of the home such as the living, dining or entertainment areas.

Tall ceilings are ideal for omitting an open feel in modern, classic kitchen design, while additional skylights encourage energy efficiency as well.

To boost the open vibe, cabinetry that features glass-fronted panels, mesh doors or open shelving are all elements that are borrowed from classic origins.

An Island Dream

Spacious kitchen islands are common elements of a classic kitchen design. And due to their multifunctional ability, an island bench is a must-have in modern day kitchens too as more attention is dedicated to the busy hub of the home. A well-executed island bench can provide a space for work, rest and play.

Typically topped in granite or reconstituted quartz-based stone, an island bench can be multi-level, one-level, permanent or a rollaway addition to be moved in and out as required.

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Feature Lighting

Pendant lights are quintessentially classic and ever-popular in kitchen designs. However, for a more modern twist, you can add to your showcase with some LED strip lights or accent lighting in places such as under overhead cabinetry, along the top of a splashback, or along the kick-boards.


Room to Tuck it Away

To keep up with the demands of a very busy area of the home, good storage solutions are uber important for modern classic kitchen designs.

To host modern gadgets, appliances, entertainment and cooking aids, typical storage solutions include large walk-in pantries or a Butler’s pantry; storage under bench as well as overhead; or concealed cupboards that roll out, pull out or open to reveal an organised paradise.

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To ensure an organised, clean aesthetic, neatly tucked away integrated appliances are also a popular addition to modern classic kitchen designs.

Soft Colour Palette and Refined Touches

A soft colour palette, typically in whites and soft greys, is an essential base for a classic kitchen design. But it is the finishing touches that can transform a space into a modern masterpiece.

Classic kitchen designs are often boosted with a modern touch on the styling which is associated with natural elements such as timber and stone. Timber panelling on walls, ceilings, flooring and exposed beams; stone accents for splashbacks and benchtops; and simple styling pieces atop open shelving, are just some examples of modern finds.

Art is another simple, yet often very effective, way to style up a classic kitchen design. From living art to sculptures, and crisp painted works of art. The tip to success is to keep it clean and minimal.

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Classic kitchen designs can blend seamlessly into modern day living. Clean, refined, full of conveniences and spaces for the family to work, rest and play; this is a style that changes with the times and is an excellent option for new and renovated kitchens of today.

Find more classic kitchen designs in our classic kitchen online gallery. To see how our team can help with your kitchen project, book a consultation with our design team at Harrington Kitchens. Our kitchen experts that can help with any kitchen style or design.