In recent years, concealed compartments in kitchens have gained much popularity. If you have ever struggled for storage solutions, want to minimise the visual clutter in your kitchen or perhaps want to increase the functionality of a door or cabinet in your kitchen, then a concealed compartment may be a design solution to incorporate.

Multi-tasking doors

Most often the door to the pantry is over looked. However, consider having a door that is a blackboard and magnetized so you are able write your shopping list or pin important notices and contact or write quick messages to your family.

Hide the clutter and kitchen mess

Concealed compartments are great at concealing bulky or small kitchen appliances that are not used often, out of sight. Although this design concept has been around for years, consider installing a pull out bin under the sink to create more space in your new kitchen.

A cabinet with three shelves (and a retracting door) is just the perfect height for a mixer, microwave, and other small appliances such as a toaster and kettle. Bonus design tip is to install a power outlet inside the appliance garage so it is ready to use without having to carry the appliance out of its storage.

More storage options

Kitchen cabinets with intricate moldings and decorations provide extra options for concealed storage – instead of digging into the back of drawers and cabinets to grab ingredients, a pull out drawer provides ease of access and an inconspicuous storage area.

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