When it is fit for a butler, you are onto a good thing. See all that is great about a butler’s kitchen.

Butler’s kitchens are the perfect partner for those who love to make magic happen in the kitchen. From providing extra storage space to stashing prized wines and clearing away kitchen mess. A butler’s kitchen is the rabbit in the hat for culinary magicians and home entertainers.


So, what is great about a butler’s kitchen? If you haven’t experienced the pros of a butler’s kitchen just yet, here are some of the awesome benefits they can provide.


Butler’s kitchen storage


The butler’s pantry is the main affair of a butler’s kitchen. This area is generally located adjacent to or within the kitchen itself and would replace the traditional kitchen pantry.


The primary advantage of a butler’s kitchen pantry is the abundance of extra storage space. Cooking appliances like over-sized thermomixers, food processors, espresso machines, slow cookers and deep fryers all take up precious space in a kitchen. These appliances can be cleverly housed within the butler’s kitchen pantry. No more wasted space on the kitchen bench!


Extra storage solutions for a butler’s kitchen pantry often include:


  • vertical dividers for trays and over-sized platters
  • deep drawers or appliance garages to home large appliances when not in use
  • wide drawers to store linen that won’t crease when squished into smaller units
  • open shelving for tea sets and spirit glasses
  • stemware racks for wine glasses
  • wine racks
  • open faced, pigeon hole-style cabinets for vases and neatly decorated mason jars


A butler likes to entertain


For streamlined entertaining, your butler’s kitchen can double as a bar or quirky café area too.


Wine racks and under counter bar fridges are not uncommon additions tucked into the pantry area of a butler’s kitchen. Shelves to house cocktail mixes are also a welcomed extra.


Warming caterer’s drawers are great to keep movie night hors d’oeuvres or the half-time footy snacks at perfect temperature. You can prepare before the game or show, then just serve and go!


Clean-up like a pro


Butler’s kitchens help to make light work of entertaining mess.


An integrated dishwasher drawer is a handy addition for smaller or more frequent loads. A dishwasher that caters for special wash cycles like crystal and china is ideal. And if you are in a hurry with no time to load as you go, a sink with adjacent bench space adds the convenience of rinsing and stacking items without the unsightly mess in view.


Durable surfaces that allow extra wear and tear are vital choices for a butler’s kitchen. Stone benchtops are perfect for this purpose as they make the area both durable and sophisticated.




To save the need for switching on a light every time you access the butler’s kitchen pantry, have a skylight installed. This will brighten the area during the day.


At night, and for those times you need some extra lighting, some energy efficient lighting will do the trick just fine. Remember to choose lighting that will help not hinder food preparation.

How to plan the best butler’s kitchen


With all this in mind, the best way to plan your butler’s kitchen is to think about the functions you would like it to perform. Whether you are an entertainer, a culinary queen, cocktail master, or coffee connoisseur. Base your butler’s kitchen layout and inclusions on what it is that you will need most.

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