An island in the kitchen serves as a central gathering space and is often the focus of many kitchens. Extra-long kitchen islands have definite advantages acting as the central host of many functions; food preparation, cooking, serving, seating and storing. Here are some possibilities to consider when incorporating an extra-long kitchen island into your kitchen design.

As kitchen islands act as flexible work stations, a longer kitchen island can accommodate to a kitchen lifestyle with the need for many purposes. An extra-long kitchen island is able to meet long-term needs and many functions of everyday life including serving, cooking, seating, entertaining, displaying and even work tasks. The clean, minimalistic and uncluttered space of a long kitchen island can also seamlessly complement the design and architecture of a kitchen.

An extra-long kitchen island can change the ordinary orientation of kitchen tasks. It creates a workspace large enough for multiple tasks to occur in and around the kitchen island, accommodating to a gourmet cook or someone who loves to prepare dinner with the whole family.

The longer your kitchen island, the more functions it can play. By extending the island, a clear focal point in a kitchen, you can add more utilities such as a sink, extra storage, multiple cooking areas and appliances. By building storage into your kitchen island, you may no longer need upper cabinetry and can therefore change the whole appearance of your kitchen. Your kitchen will feel larger due to the open space paired with extra lighting and a broader bench area.

Evidently, long kitchen islands can only be incorporated into your kitchen layout if it fits comfortably and there is enough working space and clearance surrounding the island. Long kitchen islands mean longer distances between work flow and the need to consider whether the flow of traffic will work with your lifestyle. Positioning the clean-up area closest to the dining space and the sink across from the cooking zone will eliminate work space conflicts.

One evident advantage of an extra-long kitchen island is the option for integrated seating and dining. A seating area on a longer kitchen island can comfortably seat guests in a diner like configuration and can replace the role of a dining table in a smaller kitchen. Adding a under bench bar fridge at the end of your kitchen island allows for your dining guests to easily access beverages without having to cross the entire kitchen and interrupt cooking tasks.

A significant decision when planning a kitchen design with an extra-long kitchen island is whether to contrast or match the island to the materials of the rest of your kitchen. Match your kitchen island with your kitchen cabinetry and draw on a similar colour palette or use a different material altogether to create a contrasting focal point.

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