Adding stools to your Kitchen Island or bench has become extremely popular. It is a great idea for extra seating in a house where the dining table is situated away from the kitchen, and it is also a good space saver for small houses or apartments where a dining table can’t fit. The traditional island bench base where the bench is supported by cabinets, doesn’t allow for much leg room, but we have some tips and ideas for some smart base alternatives which are a much better use of space.

You could opt for a metal base which is attached to the cabinets on one side, and has two legs at the end. The counter top then gets attached on top and you have a table at the end of your bench which allows you to have seating on both sides of the bench, doubling your seating space. The metal gives the table a modern look and would tie in well with metal handles and stainless steel appliances.

If you want to be able to fit more seats at the table then this next one is a good idea for you. This type of bench is attached at one end to the cabinets and at the other end is held up by one solid slab leg extending to the ground. This not only leaves enough leg room for people to sit across from each other, but also leaves enough room for a seat or two on the end.

Another option is to build the island bench with no cabinetry underneath. Underneath the island, bench seats are kept so that they are out of the way when you need to use the space as a kitchen bench, but are easily accessible when you need to use it as a dining area. This is a good idea for a large kitchen where you won’t miss the storage under the island bench, and you could use the same material for the top of the bench as  in the rest of the kitchen to tie it together.

A really modern look is the waterfall edge for a bench top. The bench over the cabinetry in the island can be extended (with no cabinets underneath) and include a waterfall edge on the end of the bench. This edge can be used as the end of the table, creating lots of leg room space for chairs or stools on either side.

All of these options can either be made at table height, to use the area as more of a dining room table, or can be kept at bench height so that when it isn’t being used as a seating area, it can be used as a kitchen bench. Whichever way you decide to go, adding seating to your kitchen island or bench drasticly increases the usability of your kitchen.

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