The Kitchen has shifted focus from cooking and centres the attention on lifestyle features, atmosphere, entertaining, functionality and enjoyment. People are demanding to experience more in the most popular room in your home. To achieve this experience kitchens are advancing into the future by making utensils and layout easy to use to benefit their lives.

Technology has been a part of our kitchens for years, always improving to make your life easier. A Houzz report has revealed that more and more people who remodel their kitchen also upgrade to high tech appliances with features such as touch screens, built-in apps with recipes and wireless controls through their phone and tablet.

Here are the essentials for a high tech kitchen:


Kitchen features ranging from fridges, dishwashers and stovetops to sinks, storage and cooktops are becoming increasingly hidden elements in kitchens.

Streamlined looks are being created with sliding counters to fit over sinks, kitchen islands with secret storage area and sliding doors to cover appliances. This style has become popular due to its sleek look with increased movement around the kitchen and more connectivity.


Adding interactive technology like tablets and televisions into your kitchen with touch screens and Internet connection makes cooking a breeze. This high demand technology doubles as cookbooks helping to research queries, follow recipes easily with videos and connect to a recipe community for advice. Additionally, while you are at work or the other side of your home, you are able to send a recipe to your tablet or smart TV and it will be ready and waiting for you, instead of looking through a cookbook and trying to keep it open on the correct page. An Italian company have designed a bench top with an inbuilt touchscreen tablet offering a minimalist luxury. Unfortunately, due to its exclusive status it is very pricey at the moment. But, the company is designing a mid-market range that could hit the shelves in a couple of years.


The Thermomix can do it all! From chopping, emulsifying, stirring, steaming, melting, kneeding weighing and mixing items for you. It’s the perfect all in one tool for your kitchen to leap into the future, sitting comfortably on the countertop. It is the one gadget that will replace nearly all of your other appliances, saves you time and money, and you will cook healthier meals with this appliance. The Thermomix also comes with a recipe chip, which is essentially a digital cookbook that you can access through your touch screen and provides detailed step-by-step cooking guide. The speed and ease of the machine help to make cooking from scratch fun rather than being a chore. Simply set a timer and the temperature. Set and forget, Voila!

Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems are very helpful in saving money, time and stoping you from worrying if you forgot to turn a light or appliance off. This high-tech system is the solution to converting your kitchen into a smart kitchen that works for you! Currently, Google Home is in high demand. It is the latest home automation system without the hefty price tag. The system is voice activated and is easily moved around the home. Google Home integrates with your smart devices, television and lighting to stream movies, play music; discover recipes, dim lights or simply used to ask any question you like. Before you know it, Google Home will become your best friend, helping you do everything.

High tech kitchens are proving to be the total solution for functionality and sleek design by helping you to entertain, be easily informed and more efficient.

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