For many, a large kitchen is merely a dream. Well, what if we tell you you’re able to make it a reality today? By using a few visual illusions you will be able to make your kitchen larger. Continue reading to find out how to create a larger looking kitchen.

Larger Kitchen Tips:

  1. Add Light

Flood your kitchen space with light to open up the space and make it appear much larger than it is. Having natural light throughout the kitchen is the number one key to making it appear larger. Large windows and skylights are great ways to achieve this, though if you are lacking natural light and don’t have the budget to add new windows we suggest adding extra lights. Tactical lighting under cabinets, down lights and pendant lighting for kitchen islands will offer a variety of layered lighting to open your kitchen space.

  1. Shelving and Cabinetry

Consider painting your cabinetry as similar colour to your wall to blend into the wall space and make cabinetry appear invisible. This tactical move will make your kitchen seem larger. Additionally, think about adding glass fronted doors to your cabinetry to see through the glass to the back of the cabinet will create depth, the walls will feel far away and the illusion of extra space is created. If you are renovating consider open shelving to open up your space. Due to the space between each shelf the area will appear larger and offers an organised, light feeling to your kitchen.

  1. Reconsider your Colour Scheme

The right colour scheme can transform your kitchen, and once again, trick the eye into making your kitchen appear larger. Darker colours close up any space, so try to incorporate a neutral colour palette as the base of your kitchen design. Your base includes walls, furniture, kitchen bench top, island and cabinetry. By having larger items with natural hues, it will open the space and you can still decorate with small darker pieces like paintings, appliances, stools and general décor to compliment your colour scheme. Just opt for the same colours as your light hues but in darker shades.

  1. De-clutter

Begin by cleaning all your cupboards, bench tops, fridge and pantry, and establish what you need and throw the rest away. Now, add extra storage to solve all your storage solutions! Add hooks behind cupboard doors, any storage on wheels that can easily be tucked away, recessing shelving, additional cupboards and anything that will solve your storage woes.

By storing everything away off your bench tops you will be eliminating clutter resulting in a larger looking and organised kitchen. Larger appliances can stay on your benches, though small appliances should be stored away to remove a cluttered feeling.

  1. Shine, Shine, Shine

Add a glass splashback or small shiny stainless steel appliances that are reflective to bounce light around your kitchen. Choose hardware and stools that are thin with any chunky legs, armrests or odd hardware shape that you cannot grip properly. The thinner the item the more visually light and appealing your space will become.

  1. Incorporate Patterns

Patterns are an easy way to trick the eye into thinking a space is larger. Vertical lines make a space look tall, while horizontal lines focus on creating wide and expansive space. Tile splashbacks or tiled flooring is the most popular ways to incorporate patterns into kitchens. Though, if you don’t have the time for a renovation, simply add a rug with a horizontal or vertical pattern to have the same effect.

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