French Provincial kitchens are as popular in homes today as they were over 200 years ago. Here are some of the reasons why French Provincial kitchens are still all the rage.


An elegant warmth is the vibe which perfectly describes a modern day French Provincial kitchen.

French Provincial is a refined mix of contemporary and traditional, inspired from a period way back in the mid to late 1700’s. This was a time where the provinces of France featured chateau’s and homes that were adorned with lavish furnishings and decorative pieces.

French Provincial kitchens still ooze that refinement and class these days. However, although the foundations are lavish, a French Provincial kitchen can also have more of a laid-back vibe if you desire. The style execution of a modern French Provincial kitchen is based primarily on your lifestyle and individual design choices.

But, before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at the origins of French Provincial kitchens.


French Provincial kitchen style origin

Like we mentioned earlier, French Provincial kitchen styling dates back to the times of early French provinces. The craftsman of this era began to experiment a little more and blended their urban designs with rural accents for homes located in the country. They introduced a grand ‘town style’ to country spaces on a pared-back approach, and these design innovations manifested a trend that complimented the laid-back country life.

Big, classy and bold had made its way to country living. Thus, was the introduction of the French Provincial kitchen design that has now lasted over centuries.


What are some of the main features of French Provincial kitchen designs?


Elaborate detail and hand-painted elements

Striking, detailed carvings paired perfectly with hand-painted finishes are typically reminiscent of the ornate style of French Provincial kitchens and furnishings.

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Originally a wash of yellow, blue, pink and red toning, French Provincial kitchen styling is now more inspired by aged surfaces that mimic the stone, lichen, timber and lime-wash that is nestled in ancient villages across the south of France.

The modern French Provincial kitchen colour palette is restrained allowing the other design elements to enjoy main focus. Subtle hues have taken over French Provincial kitchens with tones such as antique white, ivory, beige, greys, taupe and muted coffee colours featuring within the space.

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Elaborate, moulded cabinetry

Elaborate moulded cabinet designs are a must in any French Provincial kitchen. Instead of sleek and shiny finishes, textured surfaces and highlights feature prominently on the kitchen cabinetry throughout. These decorative cabinet designs are finished off with big, bold handles which echo a classic French Provincial kitchen look.


Spacious design

French Provincial kitchens are planned for space and designed to be exceptionally handy for the home cook.

Most often, French Provincial kitchens are adorned with an ample amount of bench space, plenty of cabinetry above and below and a surplus of storage. To add to the spaciousness and open design, French Provincial kitchens also typically feature over-sized tapware with impressive water outlets, such as luxe lever taps, large enough to be a decorative feature on their own.


If you are looking to add other feature and design elements to a French Provincial kitchen, you could consider some of the following design suggestions:

  • Beautiful feature lighting such as chandeliers and oversized pendants – timber and iron are two of the elements that work seamlessly with French Provincial kitchen And, for those who like to dabble in some DIY, you can even get clever and create your own French Provincial kitchen pendant lights.
  • Vintage design-inspired appliances including stoves, ovens, kettles and toasters – like this trendy Westinghouse toaster we found online.
  • Consider some diamond laid tiles or plain white tiles with textured patterns to make up a beautiful French Provincial kitchen
  • Ceilings should feature chunky cornices and impressive plasterboard features which have plenty of curves and character.
  • Glass-fronted cabinetry works in perfectly with French Provincial styling and can add a sense of interest and smoothness to your kitchen. But, keep it to a minimum.


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French Provincial kitchens are timeless, sophisticated and organised. These kitchens echo a beautifully classical period which can introduce a real enigma and a charm to your home.


If you are seeking a kitchen design that is classic and will stand the test of time, the Harrington Kitchens team can create a French Provincial kitchen that is perfect for you. Our expert kitchen designers are across all kitchen trends and there is no challenge too big or too small for our team.


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