If you are designing a new kitchen and looking for a product for your kitchen cabinetry that is extremely customisable, versatile and durable, then a polyurethane kitchen is what you need.

Kitchen cabinets are often the feature, or at least one of the main visual focuses, for a kitchen space. So in addition to ensuring that they have the durability to withstand the regular activities that take place in a kitchen, it is important to ensure that they look amazing too.

Polyurethane is proving to be the unsung hero of today’s kitchens, and for good reason.

Its hard-wearing properties and a vast range of highly customisable colours and finishes see that a polyurethane kitchen is able to transcend across all kitchen design styles. It is as common, and not at all out of place, in a modern Hamptons kitchen as it is in a contemporary high gloss handle-less one.

What is polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a two-part compound that can produce many different forms. In fact, you have likely encountered many incarnations of polyurethane in your day to day life.

When it comes to polyurethane kitchens, it is a matter of combining a resin and a hardener. This creates a paint-like substance that is then sprayed on to the base material for the kitchen doors, drawer fronts, and other panels. The base material is usually medium density fibre (MDF) board or similar.

Strong and durable – a must have for any kitchen material
Once the product has dried or cured, it creates an extremely hard finish that is more heat resistant than most other finishes. This makes it perfect for an area like the kitchen, where there is definitely plenty of heat and the doors and drawers get their fair share of bumps and knocks.

Easy to take care of
Because of the hard-wearing nature, polyurethane kitchens are relatively low maintenance. They are easy to keep clean with a soft damp cloth and warm soapy water and also very unlikely to crack or peel. The mix and spray process means that any necessary repairs or resprays can usually be done reasonably easily and with a great outcome. But respraying doesn’t come cheap, so whilst polyurethane is definitely hard-wearing you should still take good care of it so that you can enjoy it long into the future.

No unsightly joins or edging
With a polyurethane kitchen, each door or drawer panel is covered in one complete and sealed layer or coating. Unlike other cabinetry materials, there are no unsightly joins or edging. Joins and edging can detract from the visual impact of cabinetry and they are also prime spots for peeling and cracking and generally showing the signs of wear and tear. It is not uncommon for moisture, dirt, and grime to build up at those join or edge sites too.

Unlimited choice of colours – match or compliment other décor features
Another benefit of this versatile product is that because it is a paint based solution, almost any colour can be chosen. This makes it very easy to match, compliment and/or contrast with other items in the surrounding kitchen area, such as flooring or bench tops or tiles, or with a favourite piece of décor or styling in any other area of the home.

A polyurethane kitchen comes in a range of finishes too
Not only can you choose the exact colour for your polyurethane kitchen, but it comes in a range of finishes too. From matt to satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. You can create a truly unique and customised kitchen.

For something extra special, consider incorporating polyurethane cabinetry with other beautiful products too, such as natural stone or timber.

Flat profile doors or routered – polyurethane can do them all
The list of why polyurethane kitchens are so great just keeps on growing! Next is the fact that it can be applied to any kind of door profile. Because it is sprayed on, it is just as easy to coat a flat panel door as it is to do a raised panel Shaker or a Hamptons style door, with its routered panelling.

Polyurethane kitchen – perfect for any style
The fact that that polyurethane comes in so many colours and finishes and can be applied to various door profiles means that you can easily create a polyurethane kitchen in almost any kitchen design style. From a bold coloured, high-gloss contemporary kitchens to the traditional design and natural shades of a Hamptons or French Provincial style, polyurethane can do it all.

If you consider all of these amazing traits, it’s easy to see why polyurethane kitchens are such popular choice. What’s not to love about a kitchen cabinetry product that is versatile, completely customisable and extremely durable too?

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