Designing a new kitchen is not just about having it look amazing, although that is certainly important too. A well-designed kitchen needs to be practical and functional and should help to make your time in the kitchen efficient and enjoyable.

This is where the detail of what is behind all the amazing aesthetics comes in to play. When planning your new kitchen, be sure to think about how you will actually use it and what is important to you so that these things are incorporated from the beginning.

Whilst some elements will come down to personal preferences, there are a few kitchen storage space ideas that are undoubtedly popular as they offer great functionality and efficiency, no matter the size or style of your kitchen.


  1. Drawers

Drawers are perhaps the most versatile kitchen storage solution you can include in your kitchen design. There are so many advantages to using drawers:

  • Easily view and/or reach the entire contents of the space
    Being able to roll out a drawer means that you can quickly and easily view, and remove or replace, whatever it is that you are after. No more emptying out half the cupboard to get to something that is at the back, only to find that in fact it is not even in there at all!


  • Ergonomics and ease of use
    Not only can you find things easier in a drawer but the action of closing and opening a drawer is much more ergonomic than opening cupboards and bending or stretching. This is also an important thing to consider for the long term, you may feel agile and not mind the bending and stretching so much, but this will likely change as the years tick by.


  • They look great
    Drawers will always offer a consistent clean-line aesthetic, regardless of the style of kitchen they are in. 


  • Different sizes for different purposes
    You can easily design and create different sized drawers depending on what you need them for. Shallower drawers for spices, cutlery and utensils, deep drawers for crockery and cookware and somewhere in between for pantry items. Even though you need to use different sized drawers throughout your kitchen, try to keep a consistent layout so as to maintain the clean-line aesthetic. Consider using a three-drawer combination of one small drawer on top and two deeper drawers underneath for example.


  • Add dividers and organisers to keep everything in place
    Having lots of great drawer storage space could easily lead to mess and clutter, or precious items getting broken. Be sure to make use of the wide range of drawer dividers and organising solutions that are available. These may come with your new kitchen cabinetry or you can source them separately. This will ensure that everything in your drawers is kept neat and tidy and easily accessible.


  1. Specialty Kitchen Storage/Appliance Garage

    Make sure you plan for what you do most in your kitchen. Do you make yourself a barista-style coffee each morning or maybe you love to spend your weekends baking? Specialty kitchen storage or an appliance garage might be just what you need. Having a dedicated space for your favourite or most commonly used appliances and items means that you can access what you need quickly and easily then just slide them away out of sight when not in use.


  1. Spice Drawer or Pull-Out Spice Rack

    We’ve already established that drawers of any kind are a must-have. A particular favourite is the spice drawer or pull-out spice rack. Those countless tiny jars can take up valuable shelf or bench space and if you have 20 that are the same shape and have the same coloured lid, finding the needle in the haystack when you are in a rush to get dinner on the table can be a nightmare. You could choose a slim-line spice drawer where the jars are all laying flat (there are some great spice drawer designs and organisers available) or a narrow pull-out rack where the spices are nested on tiered shelving. Position this handy feature right next to your cooking space for a convenient and efficient spice storage solution.


  1. Pull-Out Bin Space

    The most unsightly necessity of any kitchen has to be the rubbish and recycling bins. Whether the kitchen is new or old, having a bin in plain sight definitely diminishes the appeal. When planning your new kitchen be sure to provision for a pull-out bin space. This clever kitchen storage solution sees your bins hidden away behind integrated cabinetry, and with all the benefits that we now know and love about drawers! If possible, aim to install a double bin design so that you can have one for rubbish and one for recycling.


  1. Vertical Dividers

    Vertical dividers makes storing and accessing all those flat kitchen items a dream. Rather than stacking on top of each other and engaging in an interesting game of Jenga every time you need to pull something out, use vertical dividers to arrange your cutting boards, baking trays, cooling racks, platters and other similar pieces.


Building your dream kitchen means ensuring that it makes your time in the kitchen memorable for all the right reasons. Having the right kitchen storage solutions plays a huge part in your overall satisfaction with the space.


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