Looking for a timeless kitchen design? You can’t go past a Hamptons style kitchen. Here’s 9 tips for achieving a Hamptons style kitchen of your own.


Made popular by the rich and famous in the seaside town of Hamptons, New York this style of kitchen was thought of as exclusive and luxurious. Now, Hamptons style kitchen ooze coastal vibes and sophisticated taste making it the perfect fit for every home.


Hamptons Style Kitchens Origin

Fishing and farming communities were the original settlers in the Hamptons and they had strong trade ties to New England which combined to bring us this New England style with a coastal touch. At the time, these people were frugal, used their money wisely and only bought things once that were excellent quality and built to last. This is clearly evident in their home design and decoration, including the Hampton Style kitchen, which has been revived over and over again to what we know and love today.


1. Crafted cabinetry

No Hamptons style kitchen is complete without crafted cabinetry. Clean, crisp lines are key to timeless elegance as too much can be overbearing and date quickly. Traditional mouldings and millwork such as skirting boards, columns and pilasters are what bring this style of kitchen to life. Additionally, having clear glass framed cabinets with either a colonial 4 panel or cross shape design helps the Hamptons style kitchen to feel more light, open and relaxed.


2. Extra Storage

Nothing screams luxurious more than a butler’s kitchen. Incorporating a butler’s kitchen makes your Hamptons kitchen feel like a show piece. Your guests are sure to be envious when they see how much extra storage space you have out of sight!

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3. More Light

You can never have enough light in your kitchen. Hampton Style Kitchens light and bright by definition and are made to be shown off! Top lighting for Hampton style kitchens include:

  • Lantern style shaped lighting
  • Clear glass lighting options
  • Lighting to include either iron or pewter fittings
  • Increase natural light by opening blinds, adding skylights or even shiny/mirrored objects around the kitchen to reflect light

We recommend that artificial lighting should be displayed above the kitchen island for optimum impact.


4. Windows

Hampton Style Kitchens typically have large windows with many smaller panes of glass that are without coverings. But, if you wish to have covering then simple cotton or linen fits in perfectly. Alternatively, roller blinds made of bamboo, reeds or jute can work well within a Hampton style kitchen.


5. Colour palette

A Hamptons style kitchen is predominately white with silver or pale green or blue accents to mimic the sea.

If you need to achieve a little more character in your Hamptons style kitchen, simply combine natural finishes with painted surfaces. But remember not to overdo anything.


6. Create ambiance

Hamptons style kitchen cabinetry and features should never be overdone. Clean lines, natural materials and minimal embellishments ensure a Hamptons style kitchen keeps its elegance and timeless class.  Even if you don’t live by the ocean the Hamptons style kitchen is supposed to emit relaxation so add some greenery, florals and a candle to aid you into a haven.


7. Handcrafted furniture

A Hamptons style kitchen must feature furniture which portrays true craftsmanship. Chunky timber bar stools, natural wicker, white finishes, navy blue and white striped linen upholstery and counter stools with a cross back or colonial style are great additions.


8. Matching benchtop and splashback

Beautiful marble or Cararra benchtops work well within a Hamptons Style kitchen. If you wish to add a contrasting benchtop and splashback we suggest going for a honed black hue or a grey to seamlessly fit into the kitchen but also is a statement piece. Remember to keep the edge of your benchtop simple and square to continue the simple lines look in the kitchen.


9. Accessories

Accessories within a Hamptons Style kitchen are eclectic and have a coastal theme. Think along the lines of rattan and wicker baskets, shells, coral, driftwood, woven jute, sisal and navy blue or white rugs. The key to accessorising is sticking to a relaxed coastal theme.


Hamptons style kitchens are underpinned by timeless workmanship and finessed with design choices that will see them shine through even the next century.

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