There is no denying that Easter is a very special time of the year. For some, it has deeply religious connections and is steeped in those rich customs and traditions. For others, the traditions may also be just as rich but the focus is perhaps more around gathering with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and having the entire long weekend to do it. And not to forget the chocolate, another very popular Easter tradition. 

 It feels like the supermarkets and other retail stores have been spruiking their Easter wares since the 26th of December. So whilst it might be feeling like the longest lead-up to an event in the history of the world, we are now at the beginning of March and so there really isn’t too long to go until the Easter festivities are upon us. 

Regardless of whether your Easter celebrations are more religious or social focused, chances are that there will be some gatherings and shared meals over the Easter weekend. No doubt there’ll be plenty of fun and games for the kids (and the big kids too!) in the lead-up and on the day as well. 

We’ve put together our top tips for creating an Egg-cellent Easter for you and your family. 

Easter provides so many amazing opportunities for a seasonal refresh to your home decorating.

Christmas favourites with a twist
You might let out a sigh of exasperation as it feels like you only just packed them away, but with a little bit of switcheroo, the leafy green floral decorations that are synonymous with Christmas celebrations – tree, wreaths, and garlands – form the perfect base for gorgeous Easter decorations too. 

Swap baubles, stars and angels for eggs and blossoming flowers and you’ve quickly and easily got your Easter decorating off to a great start.  

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere
Of course, if you’d prefer to go with specific Easter decorations, rather than the re-purposing option, there are plenty of stunning options available to help you introduce the joyful spirit of Easter into your home.

Think bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies! You really can’t have enough bunnies when it comes to Easter decorating. Cute green moss bunnies are a great way to add interesting texture and fun to your Easter dining table or sideboard. You could add some ceramic eggs for beautiful contrast. Really step things up a notch with some lovely bunny inspired tableware too. It’s almost impossible to not get a good dose of the warm-and-fuzzies with so much cuteness around. 

Consider using “Happy Easter” garlands or bunny prints to spread your Easter decorating to the walls and reach other spaces in your home that could do a little bit of festive cheer. 

Bright and cheerful or natural, rustic charm
We almost immediately associate Easter with a rainbow of brightly coloured eggs and this approach definitely delivers amazing visual impact. But bursting with colour is not the only option for your Easter decorating.

If ombre egg wreaths and brightly coloured table settings are not exactly your style, draw inspiration instead from the freshness of a Northern Hemisphere spring, with its natural rustic charm and beautiful blossoming flora and fauna. Any kind of tree, twigs, branches, and flowers can be combined with subtly decorated eggs and natural fibres such as jute and rattan to create amazing table centerpieces and settings if that is more to your style.  

Or perhaps you would prefer to experiment with the best of both worlds for a truly unique Easter decorating style. Embrace the natural beauty of greenery and flowers and add touches of bright, vibrant colour for fun and festive Easter decorating. 

Easter Craft
There are so many great Easter craft ideas that are perfect as a personal project or for a whole family activity. 

How do you like your eggs?
It is probably pretty obvious that the most popular Easter craft activity is egg decorating. This might sound simple enough, but there are so many options for egg decorating that it can certainly be hard to choose which one to do first.

If you really want to get your hands dirty, then blown eggs are the perfect Easter craft project. Using your everyday chicken eggs, pierce a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg and then blow through one hole to expel the egg white and yolk out the other end of the egg. Rinse the blown eggs and leave them to dry and then they are ready to be decorated.  

If you’d rather not tackle the blowing of real eggs, or perhaps you are looking for something a little less fragile, there are plenty of Easter craft supply options available in the shops, including plastic, foam, or wooden eggs.  

Some ideas for decorating your eggs of choice including dying, painting, wrapping in coloured crepe paper. Once you have a base colour on the egg then you might choose to leave it simple or you can really let your creative juices flow. Add metallic leaf foil for a sophisticated finish or paint the eggs with chalkboard paint and then decorate using coloured chalk for a really unique effect. You can also “accessorise” your eggs by sticking on glitter or anything that adds a bit of sparkle, as well as ribbon or bows. Use textas or paint pens to personalise your eggs with your family and guests names, add Easter themed stickers or anything else that you can think of really. Just have fun with it! 

Display your little works of art
Once you have worked so hard to decorate your eggs, then you’ll no doubt want them on display for everyone to be able to admire your handiwork. You could: 

  • Fill a glass jar or canister and place it on the dining or side table as a feature piece. 
  • Add to a wreath or garland for an instant Easter transformation. 
  • Attach a string and decorate an Easter tree. An Easter tree can range from a full-size Christmas tree in disguise for maximum impact to smaller tabletop trees. The smaller trees can be lush, green and traditional looking, or use twigs and branches for a completely different look. The twigs can be left natural or painted to best compliment your Easter decorating theme.

On the day – eating and having fun
Easter is a time for celebration and it’s a well-trodden tradition that when there’s a celebration to be had, we share a meal and have plenty of fun. With the Easter decorating and craft all under control, it is time to enjoy everything that Easter means to you and your family.

Mmmmm, chocolate!
It would be a rare event that Easter celebrations did not include chocolate in some way, shape or form. Rather than just supplying copious amounts of chocolate eggs for everyone to indulge (although I am sure that this approach would not face much protest in most situations!) why not feature the sweet treat in an amazing chocolate egg inspired creation to be enjoyed by all?

And be sure to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. If you are trying (albeit a futile effort) to keep the chocolate consumption somewhere below “waaay too many” then you might consider including other treats in conjunction with the chocolate eggs. This could be small toys or a selection of fruit, nuts, and seeds.

It’s not all about chocolate
Chocolate is not for everyone, and as much as we might like to, we know that you shouldn’t eat chocolate for the entire day. As the weather starts to cool down here as Easter approaches, beautiful lamb dishes are perfect to be enjoyed around your beautifully decorated Easter table.

While it is customary to give gifts of chocolate at Easter there is no reason that this needs to be the only option there is. With the change in season, use Easter to give the kids a new pair of slippers or a dressing gown or a new book to read.

However you choose to celebrate and decorate your Easter, we wish you and your loved ones all the very best for the holiday season.

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