With sleek and simple solutions, 2020 is shaping up to be the perfect year for some exciting kitchen designsAnd the great news is –you don’t need a huge budget to create an attractive and functional contemporary kitchen. These contemporary kitchen design tips will help get you started. 

To keep up with our varying lifestyles and demands, these days a contemporary kitchen is expected to perform many duties. A best friend to home cooks, a comrade for home entertainers, or a benchwarmer for those who simply don’t venture too far within (e.g. those who prefer to dine out rather than dine in). A kitchen is undeniably an important part of every household. 

Kitchens must be well-planned out in order to functionally cater for the ‘now’ and the ‘very near’. But as one of the more prominent features of any home, they must also look the part as well. 

Colours, textures, accessories, appliances, gadgets and gismos of all shapes and sizes. What really makes a contemporary kitchen hum in 2020? 

With a fresh mix of colours and surfaces as well as new-look cabinetry and storage solutions, 2020 has brought some interesting elements into contemporary kitchen design. 

Contemporary kitchen design trends making it big in 2020

If you want to keep up with what is trending this year in contemporary kitchens, here are six of the top design features making it big so far.  

#1 We’re going back to the stone age

Stone has been a popular feature in kitchens already for years. But this year we have seen a rise in the popularity of marble and marble-look kitchens. It seems with the marble effect – the ‘less is more’ rule is out and busier has become the better. 

Contemporary kitchens are bursting with veined marble used on kitchen benchtops, kitchen splashbacks and even constructed to create open shelving storage.  

* Tip: if you are mindful of keeping costs down, you might consider going for a durable laminate benchtop with a marble-look design. Laminate can be more affordable and often requires less maintenance than the real thing.  

#2 Keeping it natural

Natural materials such as timber and bamboo are timeless pieces that are featuring well in contemporary kitchen design also. The raw tones of these pieces are great to neutralise the kitchen area and add texture and warm detail to a generally large space. 

As an alternative to the marble that we mentioned above, natural timbers are also popular benchtop choices. Subtle, grained timber is featuring heavily on contemporary kitchen cabinetry too. 

* Tip: to coincide perfectly with manmade stone or laminated pieces, opt for an ash timber in tones lighter than oak or walnut. This will reflect with the warmer tones found in the stone. 

#3 Dark and stormy

No longer considered the shades of nightmares, the moody tones of colours such as black, rich greens and navy are making it big in contemporary kitchens. 

Dark walls, kitchen cabinetry, benchtops and work surfaces are all open to a touch of dark this year.  

If you do embrace the dark and stormy palates of these hues, balance them with plenty use of natural light. Timber tones can also help to soften the rich, darker shades – think floorboards, benchtops or timber feature panels on walls and ceilings. This, coupled with dark paint, creates a luxe and liveable space with a rustic, homely vibe.  

#4 You can’t handle that

Contemporary kitchens are commonly sleek and smooth. And according to contemporary kitchen trends this year, a simple way to achieve an uber-groomed vibe is to omit cabinetry handles. No handles help to promote the simple, pared-back look of 2020. 

So, what is replacing cabinet handles in contemporary kitchens? Push-to-open cabinet doors have made a huge re-emergence. And for those not so fond of wiping off fingerprints every few pushes of the door – recessed handles are the way to go. Recessed handles also provide the option of being lined with contrasting colours and materials, which are great for adding some character. 

#5 The space within a space

These days, there is a common demand for stylish interior decorating that reflects character and capitalises on functionality. Within contemporary kitchens, designers and renovators mimic this through breakfast nooks, cocktail and coffee corners, or pantries that tuck away with hidden storage upon storage and have multiple uses. Contemporary kitchens are now just as much of an entertainer and storage wizard as they are a place to prepare meals.  

Coming along strong this year is the subtle use of dividers to create spaces within the space. Still retaining an open feel, in a contemporary kitchen, this idea beckons the use of freestanding furniture, potted greenery and screening to create sections and nooks for the purposes of chill-out zones, entertaining and/or cooking.

On another note, utility, pantries, larders or boot rooms help keep the kitchen uncluttered by providing storage for everyday household items. Savvy designers and renovators are creating these areas for ‘housekeeping’ to free up the main kitchen of household clutter. 

#6 Shelve it

Whether used for general storage of kitchen accessories and cooking ingredients or showcasing some quirky kitchen décor, contemporary kitchens are bursting with open shelving again this year. This is an easy-to-achieve and highly effective storage solution that is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

We see the 2020’s as a decade to get excited about kitchen design. Contemporary kitchens are embracing chic spaces with lux finishes that are full of texture and bold colour. Storage is king and functionality is the main game.  

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