If you are looking for a brand new kitchen, or a modern update to your humble cooking quarters, here are 5 of our favourite must-have features for designing the perfect modern kitchen in your Sydney home.

Just like many other areas of the home, a kitchen can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But regardless of size, or budget for that matter, the most important design feature of any kitchen is to ensure it caters for the individual needs of the household demographic. A well-planned modern kitchen in Sydney, for example, should be stylish, convenient, flexible and with the ability to manipulate the design to suit the household’s demographic.

As expert modern kitchen designers in Sydney, the team at Harrington Kitchens provide inspirational designs, styling ideas and new kitchens for clients every day. Here are 5 tried and tested must-have’s, that remain popular in modern kitchen builds for our clients.

#1 Championing Convenience

Convenience is an essential element of the modern kitchen designs for many of our Sydney clients. They want a complete kitchen which works for them just as much as they work within the space. With the inclusion of some modern appliances and catering conveniences, you can have what you need right at your fingertips, when you need it.

Water at the ready

Instant hot water and sparkling water taps enable householders to have their favourite water options available on demand and in an instant. You can even incorporate a tap that dispenses an exact measure of water on your voice command, which is a great aid for a household chef.  

Handy help for the home entertainer

Cabinets can disguise a range of useful aids for avid entertainers. An integrated warming drawer is just the thing to keep your delicious food warm and ready to serve.

An extra food prep area tucked away within a Butler’s pantry, with a wine fridge and additional sink, can also help to make life a little easier for the home entertainer.

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Amazing storage options

Modern kitchen designs generally offer an array of storage options to suit all sized spaces. From large pantries to concealed slide-out cupboards, drawers and doors; a good kitchen plan will always incorporate storage that suits the living and entertainment needs of a household. Often, the best storage solution is not as simple as a huge pantry or lots of exposed open shelving.

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#2 Style Without Compromising Function

Embracing the triangle

One of the most important things to take into consideration when designing or renovating a quality kitchen, is to embrace the working triangle design. Named after the shape this invisible space often mimics, the ‘working triangle’ is the area that pulls the fridge, sink and cooking area together.

Modern kitchen designs in Sydney don’t always replicate a triangle as such, however the premise and application remain the same. The space should be optimised by streamlining access and movement between the key stations in the kitchen space to give working in your new kitchen comfortable flow.

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Integrated appliances have already been around for some time and we still love the idea of appliances that are neatly concealed behind doors or inside cabinetry. These seamless and creatively hidden appliances are now more widely available on the market, which means that the streamlined look is more readily attainable.

Clean lines and colour

Modern kitchens designs typically feature gorgeous clean lines and simple colour palettes that do not easily go out of style. This makes it easier to create a unique and interesting space by incorporating a mixture of natural elements, like stone and wood, or selecting from an array of paint colour options.

From bright white to soft neutrals, and splashes of colour for contrast and interest, a crisp clean kitchen makes it easier for people to explore combinations of materials and colour to add some individual personality to their kitchens.

Natural materials add plenty of character through texture. And if you prefer to keep your cabinetry colours more of a neutral canvas, you can also add a gentle splash of colour through simple kitchen décor and accessories, like artwork.

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#3 Chose a Design with Plenty of Flexibility

If you have a household that is changing as your children grow, or one with a range of demographics under the same roof, we highly recommend a kitchen design that incorporates multi-use spaces and elements.

Consider multi-use bench areas that can be used for cooking as well as entertainment or work areas. Read more about some of our ‘clever kitchen island bench ideas’ for plenty of inspiration on the topic.

If you have limited space, you could introduce an add-on such as rollaway butchers block as an additional food preparation area. Or you might like to consider fold-down bench seating space to create an entertainer’s/breakfast nook or study space for the kids to do their homework.

Modern kitchen designs embrace open-planned spaces that can be more adaptable to updates and design modifications in the future. This flexibility can make it easier to adjust and accommodate the growing and changing needs of your household.  

#4 Design with Eco-Friendliness in Mind

Many of our modern kitchen designs in Sydney embrace natural airflow and open designs that allow plenty of light in. Not only better for the environment by needing less lighting or cooling, these spaces encourage the outside in and introduce a cleaner, fresher, more welcoming vibe to the home.

More modern designs are embracing the use of sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled or repurposed materials and décor too. We see plenty of energy efficient lighting and other efficient devices such as instant hot water taps included in our clients’ final designs.

For home décor, why not go eco-friendlier and more sustainable there too. We love seeing inclusions like indoor herb gardens, pots and vertical green walls that can be used tangibly as well as looking great.

#5 High Quality Craftsmanship

It may not be a physical design aspect that you can see, but when you are outlaying your hard-earned dollars on a new or renovated kitchen project, it is important to get maximum return on your investment. This includes working with a kitchen designer who can back their work with guarantees on quality and workmanship. A beautiful, high-quality kitchen will last for many years.

To read more about Harrington Kitchens commitment to quality, read ‘everything you need to know about your kitchen renovation in Sydney.

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