After the kitchen, the next room that requires the most effort to plan is the bathroom. The bathroom is an everyday workspace just as the kitchen, and requires detailed consideration when planning a renovation to suit your space and lifestyle. A well-designed bathroom vanity should be both practical and stylish, as the centrepiece of your whole bathroom. Here are some steps to follow for a well-planned bathroom vanity renovation which will ease the planning process for you.

  1. Layout
    Firstly you will need to think about the existing space in your bathroom and what a functional layout will require. Take a look at your bathroom and consider where existing plumbing is positioned and where it would be ideal for your bathroom vanity to be located.
  2. Function and Style
    Your first priority is the practicality of your bathroom. Your bathroom vanity should be fitted and designed to have everything in arms reach. Once you have your space and limitations figured out, write a list of fittings you will be installing. Consider whether you wish to have a wall mounted vanity, how many basins you will need and whether you want a custom made bathroom vanity.
  3. Finishes
    You will need to be aware of the properties in the materials you are going to use for your bathroom vanity and ensure they are going to withstand water, steam, heat and cleaning products. Laminate is a popular choice as it is hard wearing and available in a variety of colours and finishes. Timber can be used for a natural feel, however ensure it is sealed properly as it is prone to denting and requires extra care. Stone is the most ideal material for your vanity top as it is extremely durable and stain resistant, however the most costly.
  4. Storage
    Assess your storage needs and whether it is a good idea to install a customised bathroom vanity. Customised bathroom vanities are ideal as they are specially made to suit your bathroom and lifestyle. Ensure you design your storage to make the most of the space you have.
  5. Detailing
    Lastly is the fun part, deciding on feature designs and visually appealing elements of your bathroom. Think about adding a statement tap, double basins or detailed tiling. You can even have your cabinets hand painted in a French provincial style to finish off your bathroom centrepiece.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, our team of professionals at Harrington Kitchens will be with you every step of the way, from the initial design consultation to the installation of the final vanity installation.

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