Foodie Friday: Warm up and get some extra protein into your diet with this melt in your mouth chocolate pudding. It’s simple to make, with minimum effort and yet is an impressive dessert to whip up. The protein will keep you satisfied, fuller for longer and you can eat it straight from a mug. What’s not to love?

Foodie Friday: These Coconut Espresso Breakfast Bars are the perfect breakfast for those that are always on the run. Pack one or many more – as they are irresistible – for a good coffee hit and keep you fuller for longer. They contain low GI carbohydrates, good fats from the nuts and sweetened with natural sweetener for no sugar crashes later in the day.

Foodie Friday: The perfect dinner for those who want to save time cooking and spend time doing the things they love. This is an easy sheet-pan salmon recipe for a simple, but delicious, dinner with minimal clean up. Plus, there will be left overs for lunches. It’s a win-win.

Foodie Friday: This delicious bowl is dominating the food scene at the moment. It’s basically sushi that is not in a rice paper but in a bowl, which means there’s more deliciousness. Also, poke bowls are very versatile and can be altered with whatever ingredients you like.