Today’s kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Deciding which kitchen layout to use for your new kitchen should not just be determined by the physical space that you have to work with, but perhaps more importantly by how you want to use the space and the kinds of things that you want to do in there.

Whether you want a grand kitchen space with large island bench for homework and entertaining, or a fully integrated, minimalist single wall kitchen that seems to disappear into the background, or anything in between, there is a kitchen layout for every purpose.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular kitchen layouts to help you get an idea of what might work best for you.


1. Single wall or straight kitchen

As the name suggests, in this layout, all kitchen appliances and cabinetry are located along one wall. The single wall or straight kitchen layout is ideal for apartments or smaller homes where space is limited and other elements such as windows, doors or corridors restrict the amount of space that is available. Create additional flexible work areas by introducing an island on castors that can be moved around or position the dining table near the kitchen to make use of it as an extra preparation space. It is a good idea to have fully integrated appliances and induction cooktops as well as minimal items on display/on the bench tops. This will help to maintain the streamline, clutter-free appearance and optimal functionality of your space.


2. Galley or 2 walled kitchen

Galley kitchens are a great kitchen layout option, especially where space is limited. This option maximises kitchen space, both workspaces and storage, by making use of both sides of the room or corridor. It may also need to accommodate for foot traffic to other areas, so be sure to allow ample space between the benches so that it doesn’t get too crowded. Where possible, accommodate natural light in your galley kitchen with a window and/or skylight.

Galley kitchen layouts are not just for older, smaller homes though. In larger spaces, combine a single wall kitchen with an island bench opposite to create a beautiful and functional kitchen for your home. If you prefer to keep the kitchen space separate from the living and dining areas, you could choose to have one wall, or part of a wall, that opens and closes to suit both your preparation and entertaining needs. This still allows you to make great use of the storage and bench space on that side.


3. L-shaped kitchen

L-shape kitchens make use of a bigger area and work well when you have a corner space to utilise for your kitchen. The open design of this kitchen layout allows for 2 or more people to work in the space simultaneously. Depending on your needs, you may choose to position a dining table or kitchen island within your L-shaped kitchen space. This not only creates extra work areas but also allows for even more people to be in or around the kitchen area at the same time. Whether it is the kids doing homework while you are preparing mid-week dinners, or chatting with family and friends while you all pitch in to prepare the weekend catch-up feast. The L-shaped kitchen can really create a collaborative hub at the centre of your home.


4. U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen layout is extremely flexible. It can equally suit both long, narrow spaces as well as wide, square spaces and provides generous opportunity for workspaces, appliances and storage. This kitchen layout can be enclosed on all 3 sides to keep it separate from the living and dining areas or choose to open up one or two sides for a more open plan space. If you have the liberty of lots of space for your U-shape kitchen, be mindful of not putting too much distance between your core work zones – oven, fridge, sink, benches – this can result in inconvenient and inefficient workflow. As with the L-shaped kitchen, there is ample room for more than one person at a time to be working in this type of kitchen. Incorporating a dining table or kitchen island into a U-shaped kitchen layout can really create a great space for family and friends to cook, work and spend time together.

As you can see, each kitchen layout has something different to offer and a great kitchen design expert will be able to work with you to ensure that you not only make the most of the space that you have to work with, but that your new kitchen layout suits your lifestyle as well as how you like to work and what you like to do in your kitchen.

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