The kitchen is where we need the smartest storage solutions, having a place for everything is the key to organisation and efficiency. When designing your new kitchen, it is a good idea to list down all the things that you plan to store in your kitchen, and think about those things while making the design plan. If you are not building your kitchen from scratch there are still many ways you can increase your storage space. Here are some of the best storage ideas.

There are so many innovative products you can get which are designed to utilize all cabinet space. We use Hettich products because not only do they look great but they are functional. Some of our favourites are the carousel fittings and pull out units for corner cabinets, draw dividers, door racks for that back of doors and pull out bins and pantries.

Make the most of your cabinet space by using pull out shelf and draw systems. These are especially good for corner cabinets where there can be a lot of wasted space. You can either use the carousel which spins around, or the pull out, which is an entire shelf that can be pulled out of the cupboard. These pullouts save you from have to reach to the back of the cupboard and give you easy access to all utensils.

Design your drawers for a specific purpose. You can build drawers with cleverly placed dividers or pegs. This keeps draws uncluttered and can be great for storing your plates and bowls, rather than taking up cupboard space. You could also have a draw for herbs and spices, which is designed to hold all spices with the labels facing up so you can easily tell what’s in there.

The space under the sink often gets wasted because there are so many plumbing parts under there. A good way to utilise this space is to insert shelves where possible, and even keep a pull out bin under there. You can also use the back of the door as an anchor for door racks where you can store cleaning supplies. A paper towel holder can also be attached to the inside of the cabinet at the top and front for easy access.

If you have run out of space in your cabinets, you can start hanging things on the wall. This space is often not thought of for storage but you can hang utensils, pots and pans and even knives on the wall. You can also store small appliances such as toasters and jugs in an ‘appliance garage’. This is just a space, usually underneath the top cabinet, that uses the bench top as its base and is enclosed by cabinet walls and a rolling door. This means that you can still keep your appliances out on the bench without it looking messy or cluttered.

Here at Harrington Kitchens we use the newest technology in fixtures and fittings and can deliver a kitchen with all the best storage solutions and that is strong enough to last

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