Barbeque season is upon us, so now is the perfect time to tackle a quick kitchen makeover!

Do you smell that? The unmistakable aroma of fresh snags and onions on the barbeque wafting in from the neighbour’s place? In this part of the globe, this whiff of freshly oiled barbeques is a typical introduction to summer.

With barbeque season well and truly in full swing, this time of the year can offer our kitchens a little reprieve. With the heavy reliance off cooking in the kitchen, there is no better time than summer to roll out a kitchen makeover.

A kitchen makeover in summer is like major cleaning is to springtime. And a lot of people I know overlook this perfect opportunity to clean and revive their cooking quarters. So, whether you are readying your home for the onslaught of in-laws and visitors during the silly season, or just want a kitchen refresh, summer should officially be known as kitchen makeover time!

From kitchen makeover ideas that transform the area completely, to those which help you get organised, following are our Harrington Kitchens team’s list of kitchen makeover ideas for this season.


Colour-enhancing Kitchen Makeover Ideas

A kitchen makeover doesn’t have to mean a completely new kitchen (although of course it can if you want!). You can definitely tackle a considerable kitchen makeover without having to replace the cabinetry in its entirety. Instead, you might consider re-painting your existing cabinetry or replacing the splashback. Creating a light and bright kitchen space provides the ideal foundation to change around your kitchen feature colours and smaller items whenever you like.

* Tip: read more about the pros and cons of hand-painted kitchen cabinetry on our blog article here.

But you don’t need to change the colour of your entire kitchen or cabinetry to transform it from drab to fab. If a revival of colour is on your kitchen makeover radar, you could try switching things around a little instead.


Following are a few budget-friendly, colour-enhancing ideas.

#1 Go arty

Artwork is the perfect way to introduce s splash of fresh colour to a kitchen makeover.

A small picture frame takes up very minimal space and can create some real impact and interest. There’s a wide range of frames available in various colours and sizes to suit your kitchen design style and are easily sourced from stores such as IKEA or Kmart at very cost effective prices. Hang a picture on the wall, set up a small standalone frame on the benchtop, or introduce an artwork sculpture as part of your kitchen makeover.

Try some of these ideas:

  • print your favourite family photo or holiday snap online at Snapfish
  • check out Pinterest for some free kitchen makeover art printables like these ones from Littlegoldpixel and SohoSonnet Creative Living
  • for a larger burst of colour roll out a floor rug or mat


#2 Get fresh colour

Fresh herbs, flowers and greenery are great for adding character and personality to a kitchen.

  • create a pop of colour by adding some fresh flowers into a mason jar of water. Include twine to the outside of the jar for extra texture and style if needed. Alternatively, you can use shells, sand and coloured starfish for a beach-inspired look. Use as many jars as you need to create impact; varying the sizes can really create an interesting visual display.
  • add a small pot of herbs onto your windowsill, benchtop or cabinetry – these are both functional (fresh mint in a summer spritzer… yummy!) and attractive
  • create a summer centrepiece for your table or bench top using flowers and greenery from your garden. You don’t need to buy anything here; this can look just as great in a milk jug, a gravy boat or a couple of upcycled tins (check out this clever recycled tin idea here)


#3 Deck it out

Your tea towels and linen have worked hard year-round. How are they faring? As a very easy kitchen makeover idea, perhaps it is time they retired. New linen looks fresh and crisp and is a quick, inexpensive way to transform kitchen colours.

Think about other items such as bar stools and seat cushions, table runners and tablecloths, which can easily be changed around as much as you desire to suit the season or your mood – a festive and traditional Christmas or relaxed and breezy summer vibe.


Scale and clean

I bet whilst on holidays you wouldn’t say no to a little pamper session, right? So, while your major cooking equipment such as ovens and stoves are taking a break, give them a pamper session too!

During your kitchen makeover take the opportunity to get right into those appliances we often forget about and clean them head to toe. Scrub the oven with a good, heavy duty cleaner (follow your oven cleaning recommendations here of course), clean rangehood filters, stove hot plates and grills, etc.

Using scented cleaners like vanilla, lemon, ginger and orange will also give your home the fresh smell of summer. You might also like to make some of your own kitchen makeover summer cleaners. Check out some of these easy DIY recipes by Clean Mama.

If you have an air conditioner, why not give that a little love as part of your kitchen makeover too. Cleaning the filter will ensure your air con runs as smooth as it needs to over the summer season.

Dusting, mopping, wiping, rubbing and scrubbing is all part of a successful summer kitchen makeover. Leave no stone unturned.


New cabinetry hardware

If you want a new look this summer, consider changing the hardware on your cabinetry. New knobs and handles are generally easy to change over and can introduce a brand-new look and feel to your kitchen. Handles are relatively inexpensive, and you can even create your own masterpieces if you are DIY-inclined. There is plenty of inspiration for DIY handles on Pinterest.


A summer kitchen makeover does not need to cost a fortune or a wad of your precious time. Changing a few simple items and adding a little character here and there will ensure your kitchen looks as fresh and revived as you do when you come back from a well earned holiday!

Do you need help with some kitchen makeover tasks this summer? Harrington Kitchens are experts at new and revived kitchen cabinetry, pantry storage solutions, and all things kitchen design. If you are considering tackling a large kitchen makeover challenge, contact our team on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry or visit us at our Narellan or Bowral showrooms.