Wherever you look in today’s modern world, it is impossible to miss the continuing advances in innovation and technology. As time goes, on we see technology reaching further than ever before, expanding in to more and more facets of our everyday lives. One such area where we can see a lot of exciting development is the use of technology in the home. And the kitchen is no exception.

Wi-fi enabled fridges that display recipes and update your shopping list and appliances that not only display recipes but are also auto-programmed to create the meals for us, are becoming common place.

No area of the kitchen is out of reach. A kitchen staple, the humble cooktop now offers so much more than merely a choice of gas or electric. No longer simply a “functionality only” appliance, the kitchen cooktop is seen as a worthy contributor to the overall design of modern day kitchens. And so it is important that it is given the same careful consideration as every other kitchen element.

Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely not to say that there is anything wrong with the past and present cooktop options that have been the backbone of kitchens everywhere for as long as anyone can remember. But if you are looking at designing a new kitchen, it certainly pays to explore what is emerging over the horizon in this space. Even if a cutting-edge technology cooktop is not for you, it is pretty amazing to marvel at the innovation and creativity that is continually being produced. It seems that nothing is impossible!

Here is a glimpse of some of the ways industry leaders are making use of modern innovation and technology in their cooktop products.

Customisable design and interactive glass ceramic cooktops

US-based appliances company, Schott, have been producing their Ceran® glass ceramic cooktops for decades. However, it is their constant research and design innovation that keeps them at the forefront of cooktop technology. Their latest offerings make it possible to completely customise your cooktop. No longer does your glass-ceramic cooktop have to be black. The layered transparent surface allows for the creation of wide range of colour options as well as the addition of printed colour designs. Meaning that you can create a cooktop to compliment your overall kitchen design. The transparency also makes it possible for the inclusion of internet-connected LED displays underneath the cooktop space! The fact that Schott are so heavily committed to research and innovation means that not only do these cooktops look great, but they are also developed to exceed customer expectations in terms of usability and performance.

Integrated Range hoods

With its roots in Italy, appliance pioneer ILVE has had a solid presence in the Australian appliance industry since the 1980s. They have continued to innovate and now deliver handcrafted appliances of the highest quality to over 40 countries around the world.

No matter whether you use electric, gas or induction to operate your cooktop, one similarity is the necessity for a range hood. The range hood acts as a vacuum to extract steam and odour from the cooking area. Some people choose to make a statement with their range hood often choosing a large stainless steel piece to stand pride of place over the cooktop. There is also the option to have a more subtle approach and integrate it within some overhead cabinetry. Regardless of whether it is a statement piece or not, it is inevitable that the space over the cooktop is occupied by a range hood of some kind. But this is no longer the case. What if the range hood was integrated into your cooktop?!

ILVEs recent product advancement has revolutionised the way that cooktops and range hoods operate in our kitchens. The Fusion Induction Cooktop with Integrated Hood has taken the function of the overhead range hood and built it within and underneath the cooktop. Combined with the benefits of induction cooking, this makes for a truly innovative kitchen cooktop solution. The two black aluminium panels in the centre of the cooktop are easily popped up when needed and fold completely flat with the cooktop when not in use. When in use, the powerful, built-in range hood pulls the steam and odour down and into the under-bench hood.

These are just 2 of the many examples of how technology and innovation are changing the way we design and use kitchens. We have come so far in such a short space of time. It is truly exciting to see what will happen next.

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