From what we have seen in recent months and expect to see in the months ahead, we are expecting that kitchen trends in 2022 are not set to take any ‘dramatic’ direction. In fact, experts predict that kitchen trends in the coming year will be more influenced by beautiful accents of nature and eco-friendly design choices, complimented by unique pieces of art décor. We foresee minimisation that will embrace a less-is-more approach with clever and stylish use of recycled materials advocating environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Inside modern homes, it is the kitchen which draws the most attention and necessitates remarkable functionality to cater for a wide range of uses. This hub of the home is the key location for many of life’s happenings, from daily meals to homework and celebrations with friends, and kitchen trends in 2022 will embrace this through optimal use of the space provided.

Let us show you what is in store as some of the most anticipated kitchen trends of 2022.

#1 Kitchen Trend for 2022 – Efficiency

Recognising a need to be more environmentally conscious, we see an approach to climate change and sustainability, favouring options made from recycled materials, or which place a greater importance on efficiency, in the expected kitchen trends of 2022.

Water Efficiency

We look forward to seeing more smart water-efficient devices and appliances, like a water bar, which uses less electricity than a kettle, or a tap that offers four different water temperatures at the push of a button. Low-flow taps are also a must-have for water efficiency as they add air into the stream to reduce the amount of water used.

Hot water circulators can also help to save water as they eliminate the need to run the tap while waiting for hot water. Instead, these circulators keep hot water right there at the tap. No doubt we will hear more about these in upcoming kitchen trends in 2022.

* Tip: take a look at these Government-supplied ‘reducing water use’ tips for ideas on how to save water in your household.

Energy Efficiency

The kitchen is typically the most demanding area in the home in terms of energy usage having appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators with constant or regular dependence on electricity. Kitchen trends in 2022 are continuing the encouragement for investment of energy-efficient appliances to reduce power consumption as a long-term, more eco-friendly option for the home and for the planet.

LED lighting is a great energy efficient option that we have seen become a common kitchen inclusion in recent years. Again, LED will feature in 2022 as we look to lights that will help make our kitchens both highly functional and beautiful too. Advancing LED technology sees that this will be delivered with sleek lines and a sense of refinedness.

Feature lighting for the kitchen trends of 2022 will have a more subtle take on shape than we have seen in previous years. We’re expecting to see teardrop-shaped pendants and gorgeous, crisp line chandeliers above. In addition, we will still see some of the bold lighting trends of recent linger for a little longer too.

Use of natural lighting sources, such as skylights and oversized windows, will also be embraced as part of a more natural and energy efficient option.

Kitchen lighting trends in 2022 will be modern, minimal and pack a punch. Don’t be surprised to see plenty of under-cabinet lights as well to compliment kitchen cabinetry.

#2 Kitchen Trend for 2022 – Natural Materials

We are very excited about the use of natural fibres and materials across the kitchen trends of 2022 as we can exploit the riches that all these beauties bring to the table! Following is just a small example of some of the natural materials and statement options that you can expect to be seeing more of in kitchens very soon.

Be Bamboozled

As one of the quickest growing plants on the globe, bamboo is a non-toxic, recyclable material that has a low-carbon footprint, and happens to be an ideal inclusion in our eco-friendly kitchen trends for 2022. It can be used in a number of ways throughout the kitchen space to bring plenty of natural texture and richness.

Stone Wins Again

So popular and just so hard to toss out of any kitchen trend, stone will continue to be a popular fixture across kitchen trends in 2022. Gorgeous natural stone options like granite and dolomite will be back for another year in the spotlight. Next year, we are encouraged to partner a natural stone benchtop with the same material in the kitchen splashback for a streamlined flow.

#3 Kitchen Trend in 2022 – A Streamlined Appeal

Another big influence on kitchen trends in 2022 is a less-is-more approach. This means less clutter by way of appliances and removal of any unnecessary furniture too.

No More Handles 

2022 will see lots of kitchen cabinetry with smooth surfaces due to omittance of handles and pulls. We welcome a surge in touch-to-open cabinets and drawers (soft close, of course), which is a win for bump-free visits into the kitchen and entertaining area too. Less hardware on cabinetry surface allows other elements to sand out more, such as accent lights and the character of the natural materials used.

Smart, Integrated Technology

With thanks to a unification of interior and product design, items that were once just functional can now play their part in a kitchen’s design. Kitchen trends in 2022 will continue to see an increase in the use of these integrated items, such as innovative fridges designed to look more like a cupboard door on the outside, or ovens that are tucked away behind cabinetry sliding doors. These options offer a more streamlined, clutter-free appeal.

Advancement of smart technology also promotes even more convenience and welcomes some boutique-like appliances into the kitchen. The kitchen trends of 2022 will see the inclusion of many innovative “smart” items such as a smart fridge that tells you when you are low on a grocery item or can even update your diary!

For those appliances that may not be specifically designed to be integrated – kitchen trends for 2022 say that in fact you can, and should, integrate anything you like – a microwave, oven, dishwasher or a coffee machine. A clutter-free trend means that these appliances should be concealed where possible; and smaller items placed into drawers or within appliance garages rather than being out on view.

#4 Kitchen Trend in 2022 – Décor

Tasteful finishing touches can make a house feel like home, however kitchen trends in 2022 are not loaded with furniture or appliances. Minimal décor is on demand; embracing that of unique shapes and making use of eco-friendly materials. Furniture and other essential items double as part of the kitchen décor trend in 2022. This is great to see as the clean lines and spaces not only look spacious and homely but it also has the potential to lead to less waste with more mindful results.

#5 Kitchen Trend of 2022 – Colours

Kitchen trends next year see us steer towards noble, deep shades and hues as we are no longer seduced by bright, popping accents and tones. We see a neutral palette with inclusions of tones that compliment an eco-style and fill a kitchen and living space with tranquillity and comfort:

  • muted, deep blues
  • fresh greens like pistachio and olive
  • ochre or persimmon
  • faded, lighter grey shades that blend perfectly on natural wood texture
  • white – diluted with warmer, softer mint colour or shades of olive
  • grey-green (a refined, deep hue) used to calm the interior and blends nicely with white

Amongst our quest of endless deeds, we are just a particle of nature. Calming tones, eco-friendliness and naturalism are welcomed into our homes as we embrace and look forward to the kitchen trends of 2022.

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