If a modern country kitchen takes your fancy, here are the cost-saving tips to achieve the look on a shoestring budget.

If you love the relaxed and homely vibe of modern country kitchens but don’t love splashing heaps of cash – you can achieve the look without breaking the bank. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to transform your kitchen into a modern country marvel.


Save the cash for the bigger picture and check out our budget-friendly décor tips for a modern country kitchen.


What is a modern country kitchen?


Modern country kitchens have risen from their humble beginnings of hardworking families on farms. These families grew their own crops and raised their own livestock. They worked long hours. They had kitchens and homes which embraced the family unit and came together for good food and tales around the dining table after a hard day’s work.


These days modern country kitchens reflect the charm of these origins. Profiled cabinetry, distressed timber, hand-painted pieces, and a surplus of country décor!


Modern country kitchen décor




When redecorating a country kitchen, old does not mean redundant. And, this is especially true for styling a modern country kitchen. Modern country should embrace the character and charm of pre-loved items. Reconditioning is your friend.


Here are a few budget-friendly reconditioning ideas:


  • Painted furniture – if it’s looking shabby that’s great for modern country!

Sand the item back and re-coat it. You can go for a distressed look or a shiny lacquered coat. If it’s a chair, just add a fresh cushion and seat pad. If it’s a buffet table add some wallpaper accents or decals to dress it up. Bringing new to old is the way to go for modern country kitchen décor.


  • Features – modern country is all about showcasing interesting décor

Think about items you can upcycle into functional feature pieces. Transform an old cart wheel or wooden pallet into a living wall of herbs. Turn a timber ladder into a free-standing shelf. Make a bar table or portable chopping block from an old wine barrel and castors.




Shelving is a must in a country kitchen – modern or not. But, modern country kitchens embrace plenty of open shelving. If you don’t have the space available to install new shelves, just remove the door off some existing cabinets.


For a true country vibe, the shelves should be stocked with cannisters of non-perishables, baskets, cook books, a chunky breadboard, and chinaware. Some retro vintage scales complete the look perfectly.


General décor


Here are some other out-of-the-ordinary décor ideas that look fantastic in a modern country kitchen.


  1. Wooden fruit boxes – these are great to use as planter boxes of herbs, utensil holders, and linen storage. You can also create under-cabinet drawers from wooden boxes, perfect for vegetable storage and foodie magazines.


  1. Metal accents – iron, copper and galvanised metal are all fitting to modern country kitchen décor. Incorporate some metal dining chairs like these ones from Kmart, galvanised pots for silverware, oversized pendant lights on chains, or a retro copper kettle on the bench.


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