Start New, Start Now

The new year is here, but why do we wait so long to actually start doing!

The turn of a new year brings plenty of hope and inspiration and it is generally a time when we feel most motivated. We start those home DIY jobs that we have been longing to do, the eager weight-loss challenge, the quit smoking campaign, the healthy eating plan – any of this sound familiar?

But, why do we wait once a year for things that can make everyday life easier, just like a new kitchen.


New kitchens are the hub of the home and unlike a decade or two ago when it was merely about preparing food, new kitchens these days entertain some real hustle and bustle.

Innovative kitchen designs are host to family breakfast banter, gossip gatherings over coffee, homework tutoring sessions, brainstorming meetings, the daily newspaper read, a place to charge our devices, and even some extra storage space if planned out appropriately.

And as technology advances, so does the conveniences within newly designed kitchens. Self-cleaning ovens, in-built barista coffee machines, home entertainment systems that you talk to, and fridges that tell you when your grocery items need to be re-stocked (like nagging from the kids wasn’t already enough!). New kitchen designs have become adept to the requirements of modernisation with new kitchens now featuring more nooks, crannies and gadgets than an Australian navy submarine.

So, when a kitchen plays such an important role in our household lives it makes sense to start planning your new kitchen design now.

Some standouts to consider for your new kitchen design

Butler’s pantry

With our increasingly busy lives and an upsurge in entertaining at home, the butler’s pantry is fast becoming a necessity in new kitchen designs. Promoting additional storage space and an area to clean and prep, new kitchens with a butler’s pantry see conveniences aplenty.


  • Dishes in the middle of the kitchen bench are a thing of the past. Modern kitchens with a butler’s pantry means they can be packed away and attended to later. You can clean up after the guests are gone, not in the middle of the party.
  • Extra storage for appliances. Toasters, smoothie makers, juice machines, portable coffee machines, rice cookers, and deep fryers, all items that usually chunk up a kitchen bench. They can be tucked away neatly out of sight in your new kitchen.


Pantry in luxury home with view into kitchen

A butler’s pantry with ample storage space, lighting and sink. Conveniently positioned near the new kitchen.

Butler’s pantries in new kitchens should include bench space, a sink, and plenty of storage area like cupboards and shelves. Larger modern kitchens also include a wine or bar fridge inside their butler’s pantry. These are a great concept for entertaining and amp up the conveniences of contemporary kitchens.

Technology within a new kitchen

As a central area in the home, new kitchens often buzz with devices, gadgets and those new thingy bobs. Not only the advances with cooking technologies, new kitchens are decked with docking stations booming out beats and melodies, and smart devices and laptops beckoning their power from the power points. It usually all happens right there in the kitchen.

Some of the ways modern kitchen stylists allow for our connected way of life in new kitchen designs are through:

  • Workstations – ingeniously nestled behind new kitchen doors, workstations can also be designed as an extension to new kitchen
  • Smart devices – new kitchen designs allow for smart devices by introducing niches and shelving systems with power outlets installed close by.

If we need to be so heavily reliant on technology, then why not do so in your new kitchen where you can multitask and keep in contact with other household members at the same time.

Home entertaining

New kitchens are designed to capitalise on space. Generally, new kitchens include island benches, breakfast bars and benchtops which function as seating and preparation areas combined. This proves especially handy when you have extra guests to seat.

If you are not up to the fit-out of an entire new kitchen, why not undertake a few simple tasks to refresh your kitchen instead.

New kitchen cabinets

Need some extra storage space? Install some overhead kitchen cabinets to match in with your existing cabinetry.

A new kitchen look and feel

Simply change up the face of your kitchen cupboards. It’s amazing how revived a kitchen can look with replacement cabinet doors and door handles – a new kitchen that easy!

There are some fantastic features with the latest technology in kitchen cabinetry. Soft closing doors to avoid slamming cupboards, and an open and close tapping feature if you prefer a handle-free new kitchen look.

New kitchen storage and shelving

Adding some above bench shelves onto usually-wasted corners of your benchtop will provide additional storage space and get the clutter off your benchtop.

The pantry is one of the most used features of a kitchen and is another great place to revamp. Innovative storage solutions for modernised kitchen pantries include tiered stands on existing shelving, and pull-out racks and baskets which enable seamless reaching for the most hardest to grab jars.


If you want to achieve a new kitchen look then perhaps it is time your tapware could do with a refresh. Tapware is not that difficult to change and can make your kitchen look shiny and new again.

The new year is here, but you don’t need to waste another resolution just to get your new kitchen design underway.

Harringtons Kitchens expert designers can offer a new year’s feel for a modern kitchen, no matter the time of the year. For more detail on our full range of services available and the quality of our new kitchen finishes, take a look at our online gallery.

Contact our team to start planning now and get ready to celebrate modern convenience.