Why is a custom kitchen renovation a step above the rest? Here are 5 of the best pros to help make your mind up.

As one of the most important areas in the home, which sees plenty more hustle and bustle than just whipping up a meal or two, it is vital to have a kitchen that fits your lifestyle perfectly. And there is no better way to ensure you get everything you need from your kitchen space, and often more, than with a custom kitchen renovation.

Here are five of our top reasons why a custom kitchen renovation is a great choice for anyone starting a new or renovated kitchen project.

5 of the Best Pros of Custom Kitchen Renovations

To make the most out of any kitchen project you need to plan the key aspects that make up your ideal kitchen, confidently and carefully. Layout, materials, storage, as well as all those nifty gadgets that can help you look like a MasterChef contestant. These are all fundamentals for cooking up the kitchen of your dreams.

And when it comes to designing or remodelling your kitchen, custom kitchen renovations have many benefits that can help get you maximum bang for your buck. Sure, flatpack or run-of-the-mill designs might seem like a simple and convenient idea at the start; but check out these pros (and pros!) of custom kitchen renovations to see the advantages for yourself.

#1 Customised for You

One of the best advantages of a custom kitchen renovation is that it is designed specifically for you (or the intended future homeowner). The entire space can be customised down to the smallest of details and it is made as one-of-a-kind.

Whilst others will have to select from a standard batch for options such as colours, finishes and hardware; you can potentially hand-pick every component of your custom kitchen renovation. Enjoy bespoke colours and finishes throughout your entire kitchen, including on benchtops, splashbacks and cabinetry.

You can customise the theme of your kitchen design too; a Hamptons kitchen, classic kitchen, two-toned kitchen, or a black kitchen, etc. Everything is planned meticulously with you and your likes in mind.

#2 Maximise the Space

A custom kitchen renovation provides the chance to capitalise on every bit of space, as kitchens are built to fit exact dimensions. There are very few limitations on shapes and sizes. And if you want more of this or less of that – as long as it fits, you can have that too!

You can have an entire custom kitchen renovation designed and made specifically for the space you have to work in.

#3 Customised Storage Options

Customised storage is a massive bonus of custom kitchen renovations as storage demands are typically never the same for anyone. A custom kitchen renovation means that you can personalise your storage options as much as you like.

If you are more of a gadget king or queen, you might like more space to house your kitchen tools. Or how about a roomy Butler’s pantry to use for extra meal prep and cleaning room. Open shelving, more cabinets, shelves under bench and overhead too. Anything is possible with a custom kitchen renovation!

Eliminate clutter and keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy with custom kitchen storage options.

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#4 Give New Life to Living and Entertainment Spaces

If your home is a bit tired or you are lacking some space for entertaining or living, a custom kitchen renovation may help with this too.

Transform your living area so that it flows into the kitchen with a new open-plan design.

Add an island bench to use for additional entertainment space, as well as for food preparation and serving.

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Custom kitchen renovations give more flexibility and options when it comes to how you use the space. You can create an area that works entirely with your lifestyle and household demographic, not the other way around.

#5 Quality Design and Workmanship

A custom kitchen renovation carried out by a professional team of kitchen designers and installers, like our team at Harrington Kitchens, ensures you get a quality kitchen that will last for many years.

Custom kitchen renovations typically come with a guarantee on workmanship, which means you get extra peace of mind on the design and output. Plus, we guide you through the design and build process, so you don’t have to worry about making any hard decisions alone.

The differences in quality may seem minimal at first, but they certainly prove superior when the kitchen is put to work.

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Custom kitchen renovations can help to change the function and flow of an entire kitchen and living space. With more flexibility and a bespoke output, the pros of a custom kitchen renovation are plentiful!

See how our team of custom kitchen renovation experts can help with your new kitchen project. Book a consultation with our design team at Harrington Kitchens. Make sure that you visit our online gallery to explore the amazing range of kitchens that we have recently delivered to our very happy clients. Our experts that can help with any kitchen style or design.