Design Tips & Tricks

Flooring is one of the most noticeable and most used surface in your kitchen and is important that you find the material that is right for your kitchen’s style and can withstand constant use. Of course, the priority for your kitchen flooring should be functionality and durability but it should also suit the rest of your house and complement your kitchen design. We discuss the pros and cons of popular kitchen flooring material options to help you determine which best suits your needs.

Where is the best place to put the microwave in your kitchen? For a bulky appliance that we use every day, there are many pros and cons as well as safety reasons for each microwave location. The right place for your kitchen will depend on the size of your space, your family and the structure of your kitchen design. Here are some alternate places for your microwave to help you to choose the configuration that’s right for your kitchen and lifestyle.

If you are not blessed with a large kitchen this doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and functional kitchen area. There are many strategic design tricks you can use to maximize the space you have available and create the impression of a bigger kitchen. We hope these 8 creative tips for your small kitchen will help you make it feel large and spacious.

The vintage chalkboard trend is still standing strong, so why not integrate a creative chalkboard surface in your kitchen. Whether it is in the form of a family planner, splashback or inspiration wall, chalkboard paint in the kitchen is both functional and creative and allows you to experiment with different colours and designs. Here are some fresh ways to use chalkboard paint in the kitchen or any part of your home.

Regularly cleaning your kitchen is important for ensuring your kitchen surfaces, materials and appliances last longer and work efficiently. For many, cleaning your kitchen is the last thing you want to do in your spare time, but out of all of the rooms in your home, the kitchen needs daily attention in the cleaning department. Here is a quick and easy routine for cleaning your kitchen in less than 20 minutes.

A well-designed kitchen is important for your family but even more essential for a food lover who spends a lot of time cooking. As well as professional appliances, sturdy surfaces and sufficient storage, a few other things can keep your kitchen organized and easy to clean. Here are some practical kitchen design essentials every foodie needs to make cooking easier and inspire creativity in the kitchen.

While traditional storage areas such as your cabinets, drawers and bench tops are a standard in your kitchen, don’t ignore smart under-utilised areas that can maximise your storage and organization. We have collected some creative storage solutions you may not have thought of as you can never have enough kitchen storage!