If you are looking for a kitchen with beautifully finished cabinetry, or a design that is uniquely you, you needn’t look any further than a professionally hand painted kitchen. And the wide range of amazing colour options are just the beginning of the many benefits of hand painted kitchen designs.

When it comes to a new or renovated kitchen, a hand painted kitchen may not be the first thing that springs to mind. But for those in-the-know, a hand painted kitchen can introduce a ton of character and aesthetic appeal to an overall kitchen design. It is very important however, to have a hand painted kitchen done properly by professionals. Hand painting cabinetry is a skill that requires plenty of patience and technical know-how to achieve a fresh and appealing result.

Following are some of the key advantages of professional hand painted kitchens and a few things that you can expect as part of the process.

Top Advantages of a Hand Painted Kitchen

A Durable Finish

 Typically applied over MDF doors, one of the ultimate benefits of our hand painted kitchen process is the polyurethane final coat. This tough external coat is more durable and wears much better than other finishes, which offers the ultimate in protection for everyday use in one of the busiest areas of the home.

Hand painted kitchens are generally easy to clean and maintain too. Just see these hand painted kitchen cleaning tips from our friends at Highlands Hand Painting.

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You Can Make It Uniquely Yours 

There are a variety of ways you can go about achieving a professional-looking hand painted kitchen, across a number of distinctly different paint styles, textures, and colours. And through this, it is very easy to make a hand painted kitchen uniquely yours.

Following are a few simple examples.

Varying Levels of Antique

Our team at Harrington Kitchens have carefully developed a unique hand painting technique which can create varying levels of antiquing. Our antique paint finish is a combination of three types of coating, applied to achieve a distressed or worn look. This provides the option of having a subtle antique look, or going all out for a heavy antique style that leaves no doubt about its intended vintage appeal.

 Textures and Finishes

Some of the popular, coloured hand painted kitchen finishes include chalk paint, or matt and semi-gloss coatings. The colour of the paint with these finishes is fully-customisable so that you can select any colour or shade to match any on-trend (or unique) kitchen style.

If you want more character, these options can also be sanded back to unveil parts of the original timber underneath. And when using new kitchen cabinetry, some of these paint techniques can be created to generate a pre-loved or distressed look as well. This results in a fresh, bespoke style that will exude personality for many years to come.

You often see these types of cabinets, with character-building bumps and bruises, in modern country-style kitchens and in industrial-style kitchens as part of the on-trend ‘modern antique’ design.

Different Strokes

If you would prefer a more distinct and obvious ‘brush stroke’ look in your hand painted kitchen, without the added antiquing, then Harrington Kitchens also offer this stunning finish in all colours of the rainbow and beyond!

The hand painted kitchens that we create at Harrington Kitchens are the epitome of luxury, characteristically recreating a glamour that is reminiscent of a bygone era.

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Unique Work That is Guaranteed

All of Harrington Kitchens hand painted kitchen finishes are applied by our expert team at our local showroom, factory and dedicated paint shop in Narellan. We back our hand painted kitchens with a guarantee on workmanship, ensuring that you will have a beautiful hand painted kitchen finish, with as much character and bespoke style as you want, that lasts for decades.

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