Whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, choosing the layout of your kitchen to suit the space you have available can be tricky. With the many uses of a kitchen you want to make sure you choose a layout that best suits your family lifestyle and is a great investment to your home. Take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of these popular kitchen layouts to help you make a decision.

  • U-Shaped
    A U-shaped kitchen is a basic layout which keeps everything in easy reach and versatile for every sized kitchen. This layout makes it easier to divide your space into multiple work stations with no disruption. As this layout does not include an island it is not as efficient for large kitchens and extra care needs to be taken for space between cabinets, oven and drawers so their doors won’t clash when opened. Ideal for: Small, medium and large sized kitchens.
  • I Shaped
    Also known as the single galley layout, an I-shaped kitchen is a very simple solution for small spaces as it opens up the space in your living area. This layout is very budget friendly due to less cabinetry and bench top space however this means less storage space and the area isn’t ideal for multiple cooks. Ideal for: Small sized kitchens
  • L-Shaped
    An L-shaped kitchen layout is recommended for a multi-purpose kitchen and is the most popular style. This layout is very flexible, suits most kitchen styles and is great for use in smaller kitchen areas as a wall divider. The downside to this layout is the work flow of the kitchen triangle is longer and difficult in a larger kitchen if there is more than one person cooking at the same time. Ideal for: Small, medium and large sized kitchens.
  • Island Kitchen
    You may want to add an island to your I-shaped kitchen to increase the functionality in your cooking area. Kitchen islands are an obvious advantage in medium to large kitchens as it offers maximum flexibility for cooking, entertaining and storage. In smaller kitchen areas an island may be impractical due to space limitation and may cause interference with clearance of cabinet and appliance doors. Idea for: Medium to large sized kitchens
  • Galley Kitchen
    The galley kitchen layout is most popular for an efficient kitchen work triangle, is popular for individuals who cook very often and can be adjusted to any length. Drawbacks of a galley kitchen are that it may cause traffic congestion in a smaller kitchen and doesn’t work well with open planed homes. Ideal for: Small to medium sized kitchens

Read a more detailed description of each kitchen layout here. For guidance on choosing the right kitchen layout that best suits your needs, seek the advice of the professionals in kitchen design, Harrington Kitchens.

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