Cooking accessories are like the icing to the cake for kitchen styling; you can’t expect to complete the project professionally without including both. So, our team at Harrington Kitchens have compiled this list of the best cooking accessories for country kitchens.

As one of the hardest working areas of the home, the kitchen is host to many gadgets and accessories. So, when you are trying to decorate your kitchen to suit your favourite style trend, like a country kitchen for example, a great place to start is at your choice of cooking accessories.

Country kitchens are still as popular now as they were back in the days of their humble farmhouse beginnings. These country homes embraced a hard-working, manual lifestyle and kitchens were decked out with over-sized cooking utensils, handwritten cookbooks, and stoves that ran on nothing but fire power.

But, unlike the country kitchens of old, country kitchens these days have access to greater technology and an array of cooking accessories that make life more seamless for the home cook.

Keeping up with traditional country kitchen charm; following are some of our Harrington Kitchens team most favourite cooking accessories for modern country kitchens.

Traditional styling of country kitchens

In the past we have seen country kitchens stocked to the brim with decorative items and clutter! You know those kitchens well; a metal rooster sitting proudly atop the window sill right next to a rusty tin of Bushells tea. Home sweet home signs hung around the kitchen with a collection of tea cosies hand-knitted by grandma.

These days however, country kitchen styling is generally more pared back.

Still boasting a relaxed, homely vibe, we now enjoy our country kitchens with subtler reflections of their farmhouse heritage. These modern country kitchens typically feature beautiful profiled cabinetry, distressed timber designs, hand-painted furniture pieces, and more functional décor that capitalises on the available space.

Fruit and vegetable stand

Country kitchens have a quintessential focus on home cooking and fresh produce. As such, a fruit and vegetable stand is an essential country kitchen cooking accessory. If integrated correctly, the humble fruit and vegetable stand will double as a decorative feature in your country kitchen too.

Below are some fruit and vegetable stands that our team sourced online, perfect for any country kitchen:

  • For a lovely three-tier rustic-look, we found this country French Provincial fruit and vegetable stand that would look perfect in any country kitchen – available on eBay here
  • This budget-friendly three-tier fruit and vegetable stand will sit neatly into a corner space in the kitchen – available at Kmart here
  • If you prefer a chunky timber-design, take a look at this ‘antique style’ timber stand from Provincial Home Living – available here (and on a sale promotion as this article was written)
  • If you like to dabble in a bit of DIY, here is an excellent video tutorial for a beautiful fruit and vegetable stand crafted fairly basically from a few pieces of timber. This project just oozes country kitchen charm

Knife holder

Every cook needs a go-to knife, but most good cooks will have a stock of them. In a country kitchen, a knife block or knife holder is a great kitchen accessory to show off. Here are a few country kitchen knife holder ideas:

  • A magnetic knife holder; the beauty a magnetic knife holder is you can fix it to the wall to save on precious bench space. And it will look great in any style of kitchen. Take a look at this simple magnetic holder we found online at Temple & Webster here
  • As an alternative to a standard wooden benchtop knife block, our team found a bamboo knife set from Target. We like the sleek, modern design and acrylic sides which add that contemporary touch to the design.
  • Blending perfectly with a country kitchen vibe, this white bistro knife block from Kitchen Warehouse has a real country feel to its design

Pot rack

Finishing with one of our most favourite country kitchen cooking accessories – a pot rack is the perfect addition to any country kitchen. Pot racks save precious cupboard or storage space and really look the part in a country-styled kitchen.

There are a variety of pot rack designs and options available. You can have a floor-standing pot rack or a benchtop pot rack, but to capitalise on the decorative element we prefer to opt for a suspended pot rack in a country-styled kitchen. Pot racks are a handy cooking accessory as they provide instant access to your cooking tools when you are whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen.

Following are two basic pot rack ideas:

  • This wooden pot rack from Fabian Woodworks can be custom made from an option of 12 different coloured timber finishes. It features five rungs to hang pots and pans using steel s-hooks and offers the option of stacking items on top of the rack as well
  • If you are interested in making your own pot rack, take a look at this tutorial we found online at Black & Decker here

For more pot rack inspiration just search ‘pot rack’ in Pinterest or click here.

And, we said the pot rack was our favourite, but in our travels we couldn’t go past this gorgeous wooden egg cabinet made by Fabian Woodworks. This little gem adds instant country kitchen vibe when sat atop a bench or on a side buffet cabinet. The free-standing unit features a two-tier shelf with rounded grooves and a wire mesh panel in the door for ventilation. It stores 12 eggs at room temperature.

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