We have all heard the phrase to ‘keep it simple’ and there is no better philosophy for when it comes to creating a timeless kitchen. Here’s the basics on how to create a kitchen that will outlast any kitchen design trend – new or old.

Kitchen trends come and go as fast as Superman changes his outfit. So, sticking to a few basics is the primary rule for creating a timeless kitchen design. We’ll show you how you can create a timeless kitchen design with some diligent planning and forethought.

Sensible design planning will save money, heartache and potentially having to renovating again not too far down the track. A well-planned timeless kitchen design will allow for basic updates along the way rather than undergoing a major overhaul each time.

So, without further ado, here are our Harrington Kitchens teams’ tips on how to create a timeless kitchen.


White is timeless kitchen right

Although not often given enough credit, white is one of the most versatile colours of any palette or design trend and remains an ideal base for a timeless kitchen. Other “on-trend” colours will come and go, but trusty white (and its various shades) never falters, especially on major items like kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinets are typically one of the costliest components of a kitchen design or renovation. So, selecting a timeless kitchen colour gives you the best opportunity to make the most of your cabinetry investment. If you want to add some interest and contrast, simply add a pop of colour to other areas in the kitchen;

  • walls are easy to change with a coat of paint,
  • kitchen décor can be transformed in an instant,
  • and the kitchen splashback also offers some transformation flexibility (changing a splashback colour or design is a lot less expensive than replacing cabinetry)

* Cost-saving tip: did you know that some kitchen splashbacks can be re-painted instead of replaced? Read more about this cost-saving idea here.


Timeless kitchen space

With the versatility of kitchens and their many functionalities these days, open-space designs are no longer a nice-to-have, they are practically a necessity. If you want to create a timeless kitchen design, this is a major element to factor in.

Timeless kitchen designs generally include plenty of bench space, clever storage and preparation areas like a butler’s pantry, flexible entertainment options such as breakfast bars or under-bench seating, and breakfast nooks.

Think about how you can capitalise on your kitchen space to create a timeless kitchen design that is ideal for your household’s lifestyle and entertainment needs. Remember to consider future needs as well as those of the present. Is your household expanding or perhaps is the time nearing for the young to leave the nest? Will you need more or less storage, seating, meal prep areas, etc?


Storage solutions

Storage is so integral to creating a timeless kitchen that it needs its own explanation.

Kitchen clutter is definitely out and minimal is in. For this, a timeless kitchen features areas which are dedicated to housing appliances, bins tucked away behind cupboard doors and not strewn about the kitchen floor, and major appliances that are integrated to look like part of the cabinetry. Open shelving is no longer cringeworthy, instead it is a clever timeless kitchen feature used to display décor or cooking aids.

For more timeless kitchen storage inspiration, just see our recent articles below:


Timeless, natural elements

When planning for a timeless kitchen keep a little money spare in the budget for some slick, natural elements. Although not the most cost-effective options, natural features like stone or marble bump up the level of sophistication as well as create timeless focal pieces.

Thanks to a range of suppliers available, Caesarstone, quartz or marble is quite competitively-priced these days and is perfect for a timeless kitchen benchtop. If treated with care, stone is durable and will be a major feature of a timeless kitchen for years to come.

Some other natural elements worth considering for a timeless kitchen design are:

  • stacked stone on a kitchen splashback
  • stone chopping blocks or a butcher’s block that can double as extra storage
  • open shelving crafted from polished timber or glass



The kitchen is the working hub of many households and serves a variety of purposes. And, there is no use creating a beautiful, timeless kitchen if you leave it in the dark with outdated or impractical lighting.

Modern, timeless kitchens play host to energy efficient lighting solutions that reflect functionality and plenty of personality. Some timeless kitchen lighting ideas include:

  • under-cabinet strip lighting to illuminate benchtops
  • LED lights along the kickboards which add some ambiance to the area after dark (these are great for a movie night in!)
  • pendant lights that double as a kitchen décor feature as well as a functional use for preparing meals – run these on a dimmer switch
  • a skylight to welcome the natural light inside a butler’s panty


Creating a timeless kitchen is all about keeping the base elements clean, simple and crisp. You can change over features like colour, texture and character with décor pieces, furniture items and smaller elements that can be swapped around as quick as trends come and go.

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