Remodelling your kitchen is a big investment, a project that should add value to your home and one you shouldn’t have to redo in five years. There are many timeless kitchen designs and elements, which will never go out of style, whilst still remaining functional and showing your personality. If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, or want your kitchen to appeal to everyone, take a look at these classic kitchen elements that will stand the test of time without looking dated.

Designing a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional is important, and there are many ways to find inspiration for your dream style. The first stage of a kitchen renovation is collecting design inspiration for your chosen kitchen professionals to incorporate into a unique and personal kitchen space. Find design and décor inspiration for your dream kitchen and reflect your personal style in the heart of your home using these ideas.

As the kitchen is the centre of the home in many households and a natural gathering place, kitchens designed for entertaining with a multi-functional space are becoming more and more popular. A well-designed kitchen will make it easier for you to dine and entertain family and friends while maximizing the use of space. Here are some essential design elements for the ultimate entertaining kitchen.

Forget the traditional kitchen triangle, work zones may be more effective for your open kitchen layout. Nowadays, we have more appliances than ever before and our kitchen layouts expand to other areas in our homes. For an efficient kitchen for multiple cooks, work zones which focus on function will better accommodate to the modern day kitchen with more space for entertaining. Design your kitchen so it meets your needs precisely and improves the quality of your lifestyle with these kitchen zone designs.

Wine storage in the kitchen requires special attention as it must be stored at certain temperatures and in easy to reach places for entertaining in the kitchen. Sometimes unused or awkward places in the kitchen can be an ideal wine storage solution. Here are four places to store your wine in the kitchen that won’t take up all of your space.

There are many kitchen benchtop design options and materials to choose from. A luxurious stone benchtop can transform any kitchen into an elegant style. Stone bench tops can come in a range of styles and can be divided into natural or engineered. If you are renovating your kitchen, consider these types of durable and long lasting stone for your kitchen bench top.

Whilst it is great to have a beautifully designed kitchen, an organised and well-run space will make your home life easer, especially in a small area. You don’t need an expansive space to have a functional kitchen - the most important step is getting organised and making it easier to find what you need when cooking. Here’s how to make the most of your small kitchen and organise your space.